The Diet Ledge

Well I have never really dieted and that lack of experience hit me square in the eye this week as I transitioned from the Standard American Diet of Sugar and Grains to Paleo.  I was light headed and had headaches for the entire week.  Adding to the pain, I just didn’t prep well enough for the type of withdrawals or cravings with proper snacks and options.  Saturday night my feet were on the ledge and I was about to binge at 9pm at night and after 2 m&ms… I thought that isn’t very smart… she how you feel in the morning.

This video is an update on how great Sunday went and what I found for some great resources to energize me and even get me cooking!!  Also I did NOTHING exercise wise last week outside of stretching and massage so I feel like my body had time to heal and come out of shock from Tuesday’s baseline at Crossfit.  I got timed on the following workout:

800m run

50 pull ups assisted

100 push ups assisted

150 squats

I made it about 1/2 way through in 15 minutes so now my “points” on 6/11 come from how much better I do over this baseline.  I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO DIE! So I am training for the event just like a run so I can make it to the end and not be the last person to finish (I hope).

My savior and energizer this week was picking up this book, Everyday Paleo and reading the blog.  Very practical recipes and now my fridge looks like this!


I am excited to see how the week of training and eating goes now that my body should be out of shock!  How long has it taken you to get rid of a craving??


5 Comments on “The Diet Ledge

  1. Amy,
    You constantly amaze me with all you do Good for you getting off the sugar. That is such a hard one for me I do have a major sweet tooth ( or mouth) that I have to keep under control. Keep up the great work. I will be looking forward to hearing about your progress. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. Well I am trying… I still would go back in a heart beat if I quit today so I am hoping that 6 weeks is long enough to show me what is possible in how I feel and how sugar tastes to me. THANKS for the encouragement. This first weeks are tough and I will take all I can get 😉 Hugs, Amy

  3. Hi Amy,

    wow, what a great video, and congrats on your great work out, keep up the good work!! You did a 100 push-ups? That's amazing…you arm muscles must've grown a lot…I was hoping for a flex there at the end…but maybe in your next video? ;))

    Hope to see your new video soon!

    Mr. Flo

  4. you are like me when it comes to cooking. I need something simple….I will check out that cookbook.

  5. Mr. Flo – got atleast 6 months before I have Kelly arms! 😉

    Dawn – simple is a must or I don't make it and if I do… usually I missed a step or did something wrong and don't like it 😉 LOL

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