Beth Wonson“I’m a solo entrepreneur with a strong executive coaching business. I love being self-employed, but as my business grew and expanded, I felt a stretched and isolated. I was missing that trusted partner to guide, support and stand with me through growth. I needed someone who filled in my strength gaps. I tried an internet business coach who promised to be that person, but her canned formulas and trendy strategies didn’t align with who I am. And frankly was an expensive investment leading to the opposite result. Then I met Amy the amplifier.


Amy’s unique ability to truly see the heart of my business, its potential and then infuse it with best practice, strategy and coaching have taken me to the next level. In the past 6 months of working with Amy I have been able to establish solid business goals, evaluate and realistically increase my pricing structure, negotiate for value not price, redo my marketing materials and create solid program offerings based on my strengths and market analysis. She has been with me every step of the way – catching me when I question myself, coaching me through my triggers, adjusting the plan as needed and most important celebrating successes.


This year I am on track to double my income and we are only at the 6 month mark. If you are looking for an authentic partnership with a real business amplifier and coach, I highly recommend Amy Burford!


~Beth Wonson

AH+KO+145“I met Amy Burford about 7 years ago when she reached out to me to help me with a huge event I was hosting. Little did I know at that time that I had just met a woman who would impact and change my life in myriad ways– permanently and for the better. Amy and I both come from corporate sales backgrounds- but that is where the similarity stopped. Amy is without question someone that was really OWNING IT in her sales career- because she was strategic, aggressive, tactical and a planner. I was the opposite- I was great at a long-term sales cycle and fantastic at developing relationships – long lasting relationships, but I played it safe. Way too safe. I stayed in the comfort zone of “don’t want to be too pushy” and “don’t want to oversell”- and frankly, I’m surprised how well I DID do in my jobs in the past because of this.


Amy is an outstanding sales executive but an entrepreneur at heart. I used to cringe at that word entrepreneur but after founding my company, FitFluential, and having it explode and become a great success, I realized that I was one. And a great one. Amy helped me early on in our relationship to begin seeing myself for who I really am and what my REAL potential was, not my own limited perception. We had a lot of HARD talks- that I didn’t like at the time but they were needed. I began to change and transform the more I would learn from someone like Amy that had started this road before me.


Amy taught me how to look at sales differently and go for what I want instead of hanging back and waiting for the client to come around when they felt like it. The books Amy recommended to me were so thought provoking and hit me like a ton of bricks– I was – as much as sometimes I’ve been resistant or even resentful — it was what I needed. It changed me forever.


As our business and personal relationship has progressed and transitioned over time, I can tell you this. Every time I meet with Amy, I learn something about how I can do things better. She has the insights that I do not- in seeing how to market myself, my business, everything really. She is the “Potential Whisperer”, she is the PACKAGER. She can see what a business or a person (who might be a business themselves) needs to do to grow, but also to prosper financially with their ideas vs. being mired in analysis and the “should I?”.


I have been personally and professionally transformed by Amy’s insights. Seriously. I now see her as an ideal recommendation to my fitness clients that need help getting their businesses WORKING for them. I know that if any of them invest in Amy’s insights and direction, they WILL succeed. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would write these words about anyone, I would have laughed. I didn’t believe in coaching or consulting or advisement. And then I had that a-ha moment to fully get it THAT I WAS A PRODUCT of many outstanding individuals that had poured their advice and insights in to me- and that catapulted me into a transformation that is forever changing my future.


I can recommend hiring Amy Burford a billion times over. I consider her counsel and insights and advice to be worth GOLD. If you are even THINKING ABOUT IT….do it now.


Amen. ”


~Kelly Olexa