Spring is in the air!


OH MY – finally an amazing weekend in Chicago where we could be OUTSIDE!!  I was suppose to be doing a to do list in the house but I couldn’t miss the weather or opportunity to train for the Great Western Half next weekend.  So fun night in the city was followed by 8.5 miles!  I have really been feeling the miles in my arch still so I have been using the golfball alot during the day to stretch the feet.
Other fun things in todays Vlog:
1.  New clothing treat for this 13.1 😉 by a new fun brand Lole which is so amazingly soft!
2.  I have been playing with a 2011 Buick Regal which I have a whole new outlook on since meeting the TURBO model 😉
3.  Crossfit has a paleo challenge going on starting Saturday and I am a bit CHICKEN.  This week is my search into why and see if want to step up to that plate
What to do you think of 6 wks of accountability?? :)  Gotta decide by Saturday YEE HAW!

5 Comments on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Do the Crossfit challenge and report back! I'm intrigued but uber-intimidated. I can't do a single pull-up, let alone 100!

  2. Oh Crysta – I checked into that b/c I am up to 8 pushups and 0 pull-ups. You can do assisted on both. The lowest pull up is actually a jump up from a platform. I am actually more intimidated on the diet I think… 😉 but I have a period with low travel so this might be my chance. I would love a partner in crime if you are interested!!! :)

  3. 6 weeks isn't that long, you can definitely do it if you commit your mind to it Miss AMy! I think you just have to ask yourself, what part of the diet/paleo food plan are you hesitant about? What food/s don't you want to give up and why? (The one reason i am not following a 'diet' is because they make me obsess over food/ meal timing/ macro ratios etc and stress me out!) And what you want to achieve from this challenge? Hope that helps :)

  4. If anyone can do a challenge, you can. In the past I would have jumped in and done it with you but while I want to do badass Crossfit workouts, I don't dig the Paleo "diet". Some peeps love it—but they don't drink either? Did I tell you I had another Guiness the other day? I'm so into dark beers now…..I'm a dark person anyway LOL

  5. Kel – I know I think that is a big reason for me to do the challenge is to find what I enjoy vs what is a habit. I am working to get your guns :)

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