Some PR for Mr. Sun


This time of year always increases the amount of press I see on tv and magazines about the dangers of the sun.  Most of these messages hit our fear of disease and cancer.  I think some times the sun needs a PR department to say that avoiding it entirely does not provide a balance for our bodies that have depended on sunshine for their life.  I think every person is individual and each body needs and tolerates the sun differently so the point of my vlog today is learn what your body needs.  Get a Vitamin D test and understand what skin type you have so you can find harmony with the sun in your life.

3 Comments on “Some PR for Mr. Sun

  1. Hey Amy,

    looking great in this video!! Thanks for that "mini-flex" that made my day 😉 you do have great arms…how about a real flex the next time? 😉

    Mr. Flo

  2. LOL! So true! Like I always say, "everything in moderation" and that goes for the sun too. I know that when I'm having a rough day, I will put on my walking or running shoes (depending on how bad) and head out into the sun. Even a short walk up and down my street will help my mood.

    In the winter when we have days on end with no sun, I go crazy. I feel depressed and I don't have much energy. Then, we get a few days of sunlight and I feel refreshed.

  3. Michele, the book I was referring to talks about the science behind why we need it to help us create serotonin for our brain. I agree it absolutely affects my mood. :)

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