Sept 1st – New Training Goals

fall+runnerI did a vlog after a run but I have that stupid delay in my video again.  I need technical assistance ;(  I don’t like to feel like a bad Jackie Chan video so I don’t know what I did to piss off the YouTube Gods.

Welcome to September 1st which marks the end of Amy’s lazy month post Chicago Half and starts my 13 wks of training to the Vegas half.  I am outlining what I am aiming to do better the second time around in my lessons learned.

  1. Gotta track my actual vs. my plan.   NOTE TO SELF: two times a week did not cut it for me!  I used the Hal Higdon novice program but only did the one short and one long.  I need to move it up to 3x/week.
  2.  Slow down the weights.  I was doing too heavy and I sometimes would be so sore that I didn’t want to run.  This month I am going to try a TRX total body workout 2x/week so hopefully there aren’t those days when I hurt so bad I can’t run
  3. Go for distance not time!  I was always watching how fast I ran that mile or this one.  I need to not care and go until I complete the distance on my plan.  The consistency should bring the time along.
  4. I need a buddy :)  For the long runs and for sticking to the nutrition side.  I can blame the summer for too many libations but this time I am really trying to not over indulge as the rule instead of the exception.  I will now insert a mile instead of a glass of wine when I have job stress 😉 *ok I will TRY my very best*

So that is what I am kicking off today.  Look forward to sharing the progress and keeping each other on track.

Send me to your blog or leave a comment and let me know what you are shooting for!

(To my sister Missy – so proud of you that you are kicking it with some Couch to 5K!  KEEP IT UP!!!)



11 Comments on “Sept 1st – New Training Goals

  1. Right now my goal is to be able to run for 30 minutes straight….I'm at 26 minutes as of yesterday-so I should be at 30 minutes within the next couple of weeks-at the pace I'm at that should be around 5 k…then I'd like to find a 5k race to enter-though it will probably be a while since there isn't much of that in my very small local town. Then who knows!

    I just joined up to the to log my runs-kind of adds a litle fun to it. xoxo

  2. Raechelle I just checked out that daily mile. Great idea! I'm going to sign up tomorrow. I think it's an awesome way to track my plan vs actual and have my friends keep me accountable. Thanks for sharing.

    Simply life :). Thanks much!

    Chelle – honey you know I am kg challenged. I am going to find an iPhone app now that converts so I don't think you are wasting away to nothing ;). I dream of 11-12% body fat so I hope to follow in your foot steps someday!!!


  3. Oh i forgot! lol -132lbs is the big goal (i'm 5'7").. come take a ride on my 'sexy bi-atch train'… final destination is 'sexy-six pack'! 😉

  4. I'm on the cholorphyll now Amy. Today is day 2. I think I may have to quit my morning cup of coffee because this seems to energize me. :)

    I can relate to you as far as running. I ran my first half marathon in June, kept up my running in July and really thought I was doing great. Then August came and I've barely run at all. Tomorrow early I'm running with my running buddy and while I'm excited, I'm also dreading getting up at 5:30. Will feel good to finish though. I'm running a 10 k on Sept 12 so I had better get moving. I'm struggling to decide on my next goal, besides the fact I'd like to lose those last 10 or so pounds…….

  5. Chelle – thanks! :) My goal is feeling gutsy enough to take a pic of me in a sports bra and put it up here *haha* you are doing GREAT girl.

    Lisa – I'm so excited to hear that!! I still do one cup in the morning but that is all. And the thinking of running at 5:30am without coffee – WHOA! THAT IS SERIOUS! :) I just starting running in April so I am excited to train again for another half because I think I might get hooked a bit more with enjoying the fall runs.

    I'm on the daily mile now – goal is out there in the public domain – 2:20 for th half. WHOA.

  6. Do it girl! !… I know its scary but its also liberating to know that you are putting the past behind you and that your body will just keep on improving once they are UP…for all of the world to see lol….. You can check out mine on my very first post. I've had a pretty crazy journey so far, lots of highs and lots of lows but one thing i know is that i will NEVER look like that before photo again! 😉

  7. Hey Amy,

    we miss your videos. 😉 When will we be seeing more of you? How about a flex in your next video? 😉

    Cheers, Mr. Flo

  8. My goodness Chelle – Love the progress I have seen on your blog. I am looking forward to your next post hearing how the sugar cut down is going. I think I need a detox in order to get ready for cutting some of that out.

    Mr. Flo – Kelly and I are going to make a vlog this weekend so we'll see if she can teach me to fllex.

    :) Cheers!

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