Rocking my Runs!


Have you downloaded your free mix yet – I am in Love.  I want them to personally DJ all my run and talk to me specifically during my weakest miles 😉  I feel like it’s been a little party in my ears when I am running.  Rock N Roll Chicago training is officially starting for August.  I have to get my short runs up to 5 miles to try for a different result at the finish line and I am doing fairly good thanks to some help.

I have been kicking up my mileage with friends.  I LOVE running with PEOPLE!! 😉  It is so much easier to keep your mind on something other than the mind games of running and talking to girls while I run is really helping my cardio!  Good for the lungs, legs, and soul – find a friend!! LOL!

I was going to show a video of my push up progress.  Didn’t think of the fact the 8 year old didn’t know how to use the video camera.  Ooops.  More to follow. :)  Also will be posting some happening video of a Zaarly party that is kicking off the holiday weekend!!

Kelly and I will be tweeting from the Zaarly party tomorrow with awesome pics and your chance to DJ our party from afar — so if you are around – tune in and join us!!



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