Rock N Roll Chicago Recap


HERE WE ARE – at the finish line and with medals… and smiles 😉

This race was more of a mental surprise than a physical one.  Not gonna lie… I was pretty scared at 4:30am on Sunday morning wondering when I might need to force myself to finish.  Happily I am here to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the race and was HAPPY up through mile 8.  After that I have to give some HUGE props to one of the race sponsors – XSport Fitness.  They had teams of 6-8 people at each mile all dressed up in rocker gear and extremely energetic to cheer us on!  Coming into mile 9 I was slowing down and doing some walking and the team was so fired up that it was contagious and got me through another mile.  PURE AWESOME!  Thank you XSport!  I am proud to say I am a happier member of your gym now!

The wheels came off my bus totally just before mile 12.  We were in the Bears tailgating parking lot and I was dreaming of sitting on a chair and having a beer instead of trying to make my legs keep moving.  Pretty much every part hurt by then.  A total and complete stranger stopped and asked me my name… then proceeded to say her name was Sue and she was going to help me breathe in strength and exhale fatique for the next 10-15 minutes.  WOW.  Truly took my mind off how bad my feet wanted to cramp… my knees felt like they had been hit by a baseball bat… and I was soaking wet as it had started to rain.  Sue – if anyone knows you – YOU ARE MY ANGEL!

So with all that drama I crossed the finish line at 2:30.  I made it out there!  Which is more than Bret Michaels :( who cancelled his appearance last minute.  LOL… And 10 minutes off what I have done in my last two.  I was thrilled that I had that finish and reminded myself once again – when the heck am I going to start take training for these things more seriously!  Rock N Roll Vegas is December 4th… I do have a chance to redeem myself….

But on to the more fun part of the recap is my amazing shopping finds at the Expo!  I show case them here in my vlog and I must say I have not taken off these new Zoot shoes in 4 days – AMAZING!!  I mean a girl has to have a reason to run 13.1 miles… I can’t think of a better one that some cute new finds 😉

2 Comments on “Rock N Roll Chicago Recap

  1. Hi Amy!

    I am glad to see that my crossing my toes for you got you to the finish line. Good job, Martin! Of course I don’t want to claim all the credit. You contributed a bit too, Amy.

    As far as the presents and purchases are concerned, I like the Lululemon shirt. Looks good. And suits you!

    Looking forward to hearing about at least ten minutes in the other direction in Las Vegas. Or I’ll tell Kelly that you haven’t been making progress! And I know you don’t want that to happen – she would certainly give you a good talking-to.

    Enjoy the post-race euphoria and have a smooth start to the new week.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog today! I am in the middle of training for the COlumbus half (October 16) and haven't run in 3 weeks because life got in the way. I've taken the same attitude you did–if nothing else, I want to give myself a finish.

    Congrats, and thanks for blogging about your race and training–I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one approaching my race this way :)

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