Ready or Not… Here I RUN!


Oh… you know how when you haven’t golfed for awhile sometimes you hit your best holes because you aren’t trying to kill the ball or swing too hard… well do you think that is true for running?  :)  well let’s hope so because as I explain it seems before every race I feel like I didn’t do enough and this time – ANY running in the last month.  Life caught me and gave me a big dose and now I am just determined to stick with being a runner and give myself a finish no matter the time.


Loving my new goodies from the Competitor Group above for racing.  They were really a turning point in my running preparation mentally this week as I talk about in the video.  WELL… gotta run and go pick up the girls to head to the Expo and shop.  CROSS your fingers and toes for me about 8am tomorrow morning which is when my first “Why the hell am I doing this” will probably kick in.


5 Comments on “Ready or Not… Here I RUN!

  1. Hi Amy!

    I’ve heard many great things about you, mostly said/written by the fabulous Kelly the Sweaty Vlogger, so I just want to say Hi to you.

    I am sure you’ll do great in the race. I really apologize for that but I don’t know yet whether I’ll be crossing my left-foot toes for you tomorrow. I had cycling-related cramp in my left foot a few days ago and then yesterday again, so it might be a bit too risky for me. But you can certainly rely on my right-foot toes! And on my fingers too!

    Enjoy the race! Making it to the finish line will be a piece of cake for you.

  2. Gosh Amy, we are living parallel lives this month. Back issues, husband losing job, emotional rollercoaster. I understand where you are coming from. I'll be thinking of you and pulling for you tomorrow! You are going to do great! Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  3. Martin & MB – you must have crossed your toes cuz I survived and did ok. :) THX!
    Lisa – OH Girl I wish you lived closer!! We need to share a glass of wine over our last month!!

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