Progress ;)


No progress yet on figuring out why my alter ego is Jackie Chan.  I just got my parent’s video camera at home to try that for a vlog tomorrow!  So maybe a fridge tour or flex is in my future!!!

But I have made progress on my running… I have gotten out for 3 miles 3x since I wrote this last post.  I signed up for the daily mile and sign in through my facebook.  I can’t believe how that motivates a little bit more.  Man I am going to post my mileage AND my time for all my friends to see – do you want to stop now Amy?  New tools, new friends, new progress.

All of this on the eve of a quick girls trip with my friend Kelly (click here for her kick butt blog) for massages and then her first 5k.  To listen to her voice when I told her that’s what I thought we could do on Saturday morning was priceless.  For a moment she wasn’t sure and then got TOTALLY FIRED UP!!  I am so grateful to be able to impact and watch the change in just one person.  The communities that are here to support us in our goals are amazing!!  Whoa guess I am mushy reflective Amy today *ahhh group hug*

So here I am friends – publishing out loud that my goal is to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half in 2:20!!!  Given that the first one I did was in 2:46 – I get some butterflies but then this awesome community comes in and makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  Next I am going for abs like some of you girls have posted on your blogs 😉

So what are you grateful about from your social communities and how do they help you?  How have they pushed your goals?

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