Progress Pics

Today my CrossFit Challenge went to 9 sets and we are almost the end of teaching Amy how to do big girl push ups and building some lats.  So I thought I would take the opportunity to celebrate the progress and also look back to an old photo where I weighed the same (pre-baby even) and realize how much I have changed my body and mind without changing the scale.  Yes I even gave you a glimpse of said picture in this video.  This picture was 10 years old and I have made most of my changes in the past 4-5 years on diet and increasing my water intake.  But man when I look back at how much happier and stronger I feel – I wanted to remind myself and others that the number on the scale and the abs are not the thing to focus on – it’s the health.  And one of my favorite quotes of all time right now is You can not have a happy ending with an unhappy journey.  And I am enjoying the process and the fun of trying new things and seeing what works in my life and what doesn’t.  It’s all just part of the process… and progress 😉

5 Comments on “Progress Pics

  1. I don't know why the youtube embed didn't work – I tried it again :)

  2. Awesome vlog Amy. Thank you for sharing your pics. You are an inspiration and a great example of how it isn't about the scale! I've never seen those bands before. They are very cool. Are they specifically crossfit bands? I need to find some! It is great that you are involving your son! Keep up the great work! – Lisa

  3. Thanks Lisa! 😉 and you didn't even laugh half as hard as my husband at the picture!
    The bands are from Perform Better. They have the strongest ones I have used and are great for packing in a bag for traveling or taking to the gym too!

  4. Hmmm, sounds like your husband is a lot like mine! But that is another story. :) Thanks for the info on the bands. I'm going to get some! I saw your vlog and knew I wanted them for myself, but then I saw how you used them with your son and that is really awesome! Thanks again for sharing Amy!

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