passion = strong and barely controllable emotion

The one thing every personality test and sales training I have done has said is I am overflowing with passion! Even strangers I meet on a plane have commented about how I communicate about what I love :)

My loves:

FamilyFamily – Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. LOVE them all. I am from a very tight extended family and it is such an imprint of how I have grown and loved my family and friends.

Sales – The most amazing job in personal development and awareness I have ever had. Even after 15 years, I am still learning new things about myself in this job. The ironic thing.. I actually quit my first job out of college because I DIDN’T want to be a sales person.

Community — Of the the amazing things about my last year is the new relationships I have formed that are the most supportive nuturing environment to unfold new dreams. Two of the most talented coaches I have ever worked with formed a group where we can bring this to others who are looking for the same thing! We love Trust, Truth and Community. Find out more at The Trust Tree.

muderellaHealth – This blog was originally started to find some community as I learned to love running. After the birth of my daughter, that fell off the wagon a bit and I found new twist and turns to my fitness and my families health. It’s a passion that I am always trying to prioritize during those busy weeks. To put my love of health with my love of community, I love some Fitfluential! Look up this Fitfluential or Instagram hashtag and I dare you not to find someone to connect with that is supportive and doing what you love too!

Lifelong Learning — This is the bow that wraps all my passions into one. I am a relentless learner. I love to read. I love to go to events. I love to try new things.   Change… yep no problem with that. I love have my toes just over my growth edge.