“Official” Half Marathon Training Start ;)


No video camera that works yet but trying to convince my hubby that I need one stat!  I figured out that I probably need HD to keep up with my talking 😉  You can imagine what comments he had for that 😉  Oh but I did finally get the About Me Section done of the blog so if you don’t know much about me – feel free to click on over there.

It’s been an exciting training week as I kick off the days to Rock n Roll Las Vegas so I couldn’t wait to share my training plan.

I planned out my running for the next 11 weeks so I can be ready for Vegas.  I am going to need to get my fall Under Armour shopping spree planned :)  I am especially excited about the Hot Chocolate 15k as what a BRILLIANT idea to combine running with chocolate goodies 😉  I am pushing myself to the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan as I want to increase my time.  I haven’t done intervals or speed training before so I will be learning that in the process.  This week is already a 5 mile long run so I must start the training off without missing it!  I am still doing the run/walk thing so I tried this week to run to mediation music to stay more “slow and steady” but haven’t found my zone yet.

TRX Cross Training.  This is me on the picture up top.  I have done 2 days of TRX training.  Once I get the new camera I will set up the tripod and you can watch us in our class.  It is really fun and the trainer is giving us cardio blasts in between our strength exercises o get our heart rate up there.  Only two classes and I already feel some arms toning up AND the fat burning working!!  If you have any TRX questions – post them as a comment and I will post a blog on it and try to even tape the girl who got them to run these classes in her home.

Last component of my training is doing Hot Yoga once a week.  I am doing it at Bikram studio that is 105 degrees.  Man have I been sweating my butt of in there.  But what I enjoy the most is it really stretches out my legs from the runs and keeps me from getting really tight.

More to come later but let me know how your training is going this week.  Did you put a goal out there?


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