Never say Never!

Oh goodness… what a GREAT day!  I am soooo proud of my friend Kelly – she said she couldn’t run, it gave her side stitches and today she kicked BUTT at her FIRST 5k in 32:54!  Wow.  What an awesome thing to be a part of!!

So I woke up this morning at 6am and it was pouring, cold, and rainy.  On any other 5k I would have forgone my $25 and went back to bed.  But I guess that wouldn’t be much of an example.  So we both got each other up and moving and there in time.  And ran in the rain…. something I have NEVER done before and quite frankly felt I would not enjoy.

Instead what did I get?  A personal best time at a 5k ever!  WHOA!!  I could hear my mom in my ear saying see Amy this is why we try everything once.  I almost crushed the 30 minute mark on a 5k.  Another one of my “nevers”.  So here is to kicking off some great training to Vegas and to my running divas — I’m catching up! 😉  And 30:30 — I can’t wait to beat you again!

Enjoy our crazy post run vlog at Kelly’s house.  I did find out that is it my MAC camera that is messing up my vlogs so stayed tuned while I upgrade equipment. :)

CHEERS all and keep running.

8 Comments on “Never say Never!

  1. I finally just watched this – damn I just laugh with you non-stop! Had a blast – congrats again! Hugs!!! xoxxo

  2. Hey Amy,

    you look beautiful once again! 😉 Any chance to get a flex in your next video? 😉

    Mr. Flo

  3. Thought i would let you know i came to your site and read and wathced your video…You got to post more …I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    you make ppl feel motivated….i want to be like you two!!!

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