Multiple Personalities

It’s has been YEARS since I wrote a blog post and I pick a title like multiple personalities… hmmmm… maybe I was kidnapped by a personality that doesn’t like to express and now I am back?? 

Actually, no.  I was working with my coach and sharing my experience of an interaction with a friend that ended poorly.  Her feedback was around how I showed up as someone that friend had not experienced before and why it didn’t work.  When looking for evidence of this I was reading a lot of blogs of authors I admire…. thought of my blogging and why I didn’t blog anymore.  When I looked at the answer it was because I accomplished what I was blogging about as Fitness Amy.  I ran a half marathon and I got my fitness back post baby.  I had made the blog only about the Fit Amy.  OMG, the same morale of the story twice in one day!  That’s a sign in my book!

The diagnosis === I have multiple personalities.  I have Sales Amy.  Spiritual Amy.  Personal Development Amy.  Hometown Amy.  Mom Amy.  Lazy Amy.  Fitness Amy…etc.  I am great at knowing which one to apply to what situation and to what person.  However, not only am I working to grow in this area but as I am on the eve of my 40th year celebration, I realized what I want is to integrate the Amy’s into one.  No more outfit changes.  I want to be in my skin and be ALL of me ALL the time.  This blog is the first step.  There is a lot more to me than fitness and what I am passionate about.  I didn’t blog for traffic but for therapy and accountability so what a perfect place to start with my new focus on putting ALL of Amy out there.

I come from a very small town where I have an ingrained obsession with what people think.  As I left and got older, I thought I didn’t care what people think but looking at the reason behind the multiple Amy’s … I realize that I may not care and get hurt by those that don’t agree or like me… but it still matters to me.  So in the theme of getting me out there I am going to share 10 things that cross the Amy personalities that I like to keep separate 😀  What’s your top 10 and do you hide certain ones from certain people??

Amy’s Hidden Top 10  :)

1.  I broke my hand at a personal development seminar while breaking a cinder block and trying to crush my fear of failure.

2.  The best and worst thing that has ever happened to me is losing all my financial means and house and needing to close my business.  The utter failure I felt was massive but the lessons and gifts it brought is priceless.

3.  I love people.  They are my currency and that is why I always show up as the Amy that helps me connect to them.

4.  Divorce taught me more about a successful marriage than I ever dreamed and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

5.  As both a kid and an adult, I love magic and Greek Mythology.  Can we say I Dream Of Jeannie meets Harry Potter/Percy Jackson lover 😮

6.  I have moved around in my jobs…some for good reason and some for not so good.  Wouldn’t change a thing… my network and people I met in each place were for a reason.

7.  I hate to work out by myself.  I find the best in me in a group setting or with a trainer.  I need the competition and someone to quiet the monkey in my mind that keeps telling me to stop.

8.  I drink green water (It’s chlorophyll).  People have called it my pond scum that I work with.  I believe in the alkaline/acid balance is a secret to good health.  One of the gifts of starting a degree in nutrition before the school closed.

9.  I don’t expect others to invest in me what I wouldn’t.  I have attended a dozen personal development courses.  I read 2 books a month and I have a coach.  I believe if you aren’t growing – you are dying.

10.  I have written atleast 4 outlines for ebooks in the last year and I hope this exercise in blogging gives me the confidence to move forward in putting one of them out there.



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  1. I think most people can relate to this Aim! Or at least us people pleaders can :). Love ya! You've definitely a gift with words, I hope to read your work someday!

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