Miles and Chapters….


Look at the back of my car peeps – Yep I am officially a runner.  I have the sticker and a Garmin now.  WOO HOO!

Miles and Chapters…I have been stepping up my completion of both of these items :)  Got some new fun things to share about my new favorite book find.  LOVING Carol Riterberger!  The first book I stumbled across is “Managing People, What’s Personality Got to do With It?” and I have moved on to her book on how your personality affects your health.  I think the amazing thing these books do are open your eyes and raise awareness to watch yourself in different situations.  I think I have bought the book as a gift for atleast 3 people and recommended it to a dozen more in the last few weeks.  LOVE IT!  I thought about doing a little comparison on what I learned about me from the book and what it says about my personality type.  Not today though as that will take some prep 😉

Also gave a solid update on the running.  Conclusion in a nutshell = KETTLEBELLS rock!  I have not gotten in the miles I wanted to again but the kettlebell work I am doing has made all the difference in me being ready in 2 weeks for another 13.1 miles!

4 Comments on “Miles and Chapters….

  1. You're alive!!! So good to hear from you! I would love to get to the point where I could afford travelling to run. Run season is over in Florida :(. I'm still running though – crazy me, I set a goal to run 1000 miles this year. I'm on track! Gooooood luck on the half coming up!

  2. Sharon – the best girl weekend/run I did was the RnR Vegas. I think that should be on your bucket list!! :) We would love to see you! I will not hit 1000 miles this year unless I start running marathons LOL. AWESOME GOAL!!
    Kelly – 😉 You know every book has to make it through you before official recommendation!

  3. AMY!! I've missed your vloggy goodness! Glad to hear you're are liking your Vibrams. It took me a good 3 months before i could run any decent distances in mine but like you, they have helped me strengthen up my feet, legs and ankles. Good luck for your half, i'm sure your leg strength will pull you through the finish line!

    I''m gonna have to check out that book as i work in sales too. I'm also doing a Personality module in my Pscyhe degree in two weeks, can't wait, i'm sure it'll be fascinating! 😉

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