Lifestyle vs. Diet

I have been a cooking fool this week as I got through the sugar headaches and am HUNGRY. :)  I feel like all I did this week was eat as I was looking to find things to fit cravings without jumping off the ledge.  I talk in my vlog about the cookie and bars I made.  The only down side is all treats start with a nut base so it’s hard to get a different flavor.  I am going to try a hint of vanilla extract on my next ones or add dried fruit.  I must say the winner of the week was turning cauliflower into something more tasty.  I made a rice out of it with garlic, onion, and celery.


I shot this vlog last night and you can see – by the end of this week I was wondering how am I happy on this diet.  All the blogs I read that are paleo are lifestyle blogs where the person is not “dieting” they just live paleo.  That is the thing I am missing.  Every positive change that I have kept has always been a lifestyle change, not a diet.  So last night I ate a tortilla and beans.  CRAZY I know.  I was so happy that I furthered my binge to ice cream with a little chocolate syrup.



BLAH!!!  Sickness.  I felt miserable.  I was burping and felt like my stomach was going to blow up.  I went to bed and was feeling rather reflective on what is the happy medium for me?

So this morning, I made these paleo pancakes from Everyday Paleo.  I couldn’t believe it but they even got the kid approval!


They aren’t sweet again but the blueberries with the almond meal base made me think of like a cobbler taste/feel.  A gift that those 10 days have brought me is learning what my body likes and doesn’t.   So over the next week, I am going to listen to my body a little more and stop feeling so restricted and when I want something take a few bites and leave it.  I think alot of the paleo elements will fit into my lifestyle but I am ready to choose for them to be there.  So this morning, I chose not to have sugar in my coffee and for some reason… it tasted so much sweeter…..

Maybe it’s back to the basics of just reducing junk while creating good habits?  For every craving… say ok to one and no to the other and build a foundation for a lifestyle.


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  1. Girl I gotta tell ya, I don't know how you are doing it. But then again, I've gone through phases where I did cut out a LOT of stuff that I love….but I did find myself spending a WHOLE LOT MORE TIME obsessing about food. Some people can do this flawlessly. For me, denying myself (not saying it's wrong or right) in such a strict manner (i.e. no sugar or no wheat or no fake or no sweetener)– it ends up making me very paranoid about things sneaking in, and then I keep feeling "oh rats, I've wasted so much time, I had ketchup in my turkey meatloaf and that has corn syrup in it! I've been wasting all this time eating BAD when I thought I was eating GOOD"— again, this is MY mind on diets. And like you said—– I think the key is that some people change their lifestyle. You have vegetarians that just become totally grossed out with meat so it's NO challenge to miss it. For me, I was always doing certain "diets" to lose weight so I was never REALLY TRULY making it a lifestyle. I'm losing weight now but I will tell you- it still is a daily battle inside my head to NOT go on a strict "DIET" that will make me lose weight faster. Ahhhh. It really is a journey to find what works best for each of us…workout-wise and diet-wise. I commend you for what you are doing here. You should write a book like Charlotte's The Great Fitness Experiment!! 😉

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