Instant Gratification vs. Selling Your Value

I have been working with a client for the last 6 weeks in up-leveling everything from packaging to pricing. She is a very talented coach who was using pricing that worked. Her entire business and reputation was set on this pricing. It was comfortable and safe to offer it. So messing with pricing was sensitive but she knew at her core truth that she was providing more value. To help her get comfortable we practiced role playing sales calls and objections in advance and even did a ROI on her services based on some amazing company testimonials she has gotten.

BUT then I got this call “Hey I had a new client call me and want my course. I told them a $X,000 price… and they had to take it to management for approval. If I would have charged my old price they would have probably signed on the spot because she can approve up to my old price”.

It was at that moment that it hit me that most people don’t up-level and charge their value because they desperately need the instant gratification of the immediate sale or positive feedback. When you don’t get that positive shot in the arm when you put yourself out there vulnerably to a client, you feel like you did something wrong. So I mentioned that to her that maybe she is going to get the higher price tomorrow and she shouldn’t let her need for instant gratification cloud the interaction… she quickly responded “OMG – that is the story of what I am doing everywhere in my life from the ice cream I want to eat when I am sad to the happiness I desire in my relationship”.

Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Basically, it’s when you want it; and you want it now.

That really had me sit and ponder our deep need for instant gratification as a society. We get our food in minutes, we google and see our photos in seconds… it’s something we all need to swim up stream against when we experience discomfort. If we don’t challenge our desire for instant gratification, we hamper our personal development because we want only to do what we know will get immediate favorable feedback. It’s in the discomfort space that we learn the greatest gifts about ourselves & others… and hold space for it to unfold and grow perfectly.

As a sales person that can see 18 month long sales cycles, I have learned to find the adrenaline in the tiny steps of the process. I truly enjoy the dance and relationship that forms over that time. Would I take a yes and dotted line at month 3 – HECK YES, I AM HUMAN! But when I savor in the tiny steps, I also learn more on how to create a bigger win/win for both sides as part of the deal.

SO what tiny step in your up-level process are you appreciating today?

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