I need friends….


Ava 3 wks and Grant 9 yrs have been awesome distractions….

I am 12 weeks postpartum and haven’t really taken any steps to get back into my clothes yet.  I have been blessed with losing faster than my last pregnancy but no go on getting back into any of my work clothes yet and I am TIRED of the same 5 outfits!!!!  So as I evaluated things my first 3 weeks back to work, I realized I am just a person that needs help from others on my weight or fitness journey.  Whether it be jumping into the latest craze and trying it because of a blog I read or having a trainer tell me I can’t stop, I have always been most successful at reaching my goals with others!  So BACK TO THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY I GO!!

Only a short 3 min video below because I am short on time.  Some big changes since my days of running!

1.  I have a infant… meaning a little less sleep and time I want to spend seeing her

2.  I don’t have a trainer…. gotta find a video, class, blog, or something that replaces the voice in my head.  Can’t help it… just how I get the best results

3.  I commute…. the job I got last year takes an hour to commute 4 days a week.  So my favorite 10am working out doesn’t fit and I lose 2+ hours in the car each day.

4.  I am really starting over… Yep I have run 13 miles before and probably can’t do 1 now.  That’s a hard pill for the ego when trying to get back into it.

So I am in the midst of figuring out how to the change my goals and workouts based on the above points.  And in the meantime I started the paleo 30 days challenge with a girl in my neighborhood.  I am turning in food logs etc.  Had CRAZY headaches already in my 2nd day so I know the toxins are exiting and hope they give me back 1/8 of an inch LOL.  I am really pushing the water to get through the cravings and headaches.  And yes I am on day 3 of black coffee (blah).

Well I am off to the commute… it has taken me 3 days to get this up so goal next week – do it in 1 :)


2 Comments on “I need friends….

  1. Thanks Kerri! I'm going through all your videos and getting ideas and then will ask away!! Last time I got tired of chicken and eggs so I'm trying to mix it up a little more. I sooo miss a Vanilla Latte right now though!!

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