Habits… breaking old and bring in new

I have heard so many great stories of those that do not want to be a slave to the Diet Coke and Mischelle wrote and inspired my blog.  I can relate as I was one of those myself nearly 3 years ago so this was a really fun vlog to shoot.  I hope I upload right (UPDATE: I look like Jackie Chan in this video b/c of a audio mismatch.  I have yet to figure out what I did).

My two gems when it comes to breaking the bad habit:

1.  Make a water requirement – I had to drink 70 oz before I could even take a sip of soda.  Many days when I was learning to drink water I would struggle to get that down.

2.  Don’t keep it in the house in quantity – I just bought one small bottle with a twist cap and I would pour it in a small cup and have the taste.  It was the first third of the drink I really enjoyed so I would stop after that and save the rest.

Those were my tricks.  However, I have to say from watching my friend Kelly quit recently – one of the things you MUST HAVE IS THE DESIRE TO QUIT!

Right now I am moving on to cutting back on the carbs.  When I was running the long distances I picked up the chips habit and now I am snacking too much on them.  So time to only by the small bags and start that process again 😉

What are your good tricks to help keep some of those bad habits from getting out of control?

2 Comments on “Habits… breaking old and bring in new

  1. hey amy,

    will we see a flex of you in your next video? 😉
    looking forward to that…and I guess a lot of other people too! 😉

    mr. flo

  2. "it isn't pink though"…LOL!!!!!!
    Lot's of good info here! I too gave up all diet soda about 3 years ago and now if I go to drink any soda it just tastes horrible to me. Water all the way…and tea :) I am loving the water bottle. It is so easy to hold and drink out of, the lip is so smooth…also did yours come with little sayings you can put inside the cap lid?? I love that!

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