Do you like a challenge?


Seems both physical and mental challenges have been popping up on my radar screen lately.  :)  I have been working on the push up/pull up/squat circuit still and am moving this week up to 8 sets of each.  I can really notice the difference in my cardio ability from changing it up.  Just when I was starting to feel a little comfortable, the Combine360 challenge pops up from a trainer at our local XSport.  The guys and the girls do the same challenge on camera and get scored based on their time and doing the circuit correctly.  My husband did it on Saturday and now is egging me on to try it this weekend.  OYE!  Of course he is saying that b/c he had not tried it before and killed it with a 4 minute time and was able to place among the men.  Check out his video.
I am proud of him! Mike, the Under Armour trainer at the gym, is has dangled the carrot of winning Under Armour clothing as my incentive to get out there and try it…. what do you think?  10 minutes of a near death experience for a workout outfit.  OK maybe a little dramatic but the butterflies in my stomach are just what I remember when I tried my first half marathon.  I have the TRX up in the basement now so I did try to the very end of 25 rows and I see that as being the hard part being at the end AND when you are dead tired.
I started my running this week.  And I would be going right now if it would stop raining in the Chicago area.  The other part of the BIG challenge for this week is to get my mileage WAY up.  I want to get comfortable doing the 5 mile distance.  I found some girlfriends to help hold me accountable and drag me out there.  Today marks less than 9 weeks until the next half marathon so I need to do something different to get a new result.  One thing I have ALWAYS been bad at is following the schedule and getting my weekly mileage not to fall below 15.
All these challenges kicking off this week!  I love the adrenaline of a new challenge but man this not knowing how I am going to do… I could do without that :)  Wish me luck stepping up to the plate this week!

3 Comments on “Do you like a challenge?

  1. Oh Alan – I am still on the fence. I tried the rows and died at 15 :) I might choose the run 5 miles over the 5-10 minutes of hell. LOL

    Kerri – I agree if they showed me the clothing or it was a limited edition wear – I would suck it up no matter how much it hurt. Yes I am proud of my workout clothing addiction :)

    I will try to post a video of where I am at on the pull up push up challenge no matter what!

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