Creating your lifestyle

….is actually ALOT like creating a new business.  So many of the same issues came up for me.

A year ago I vowed not dread and waste my 40th year worrying about my chronological age. I wrote down all the things I wanted to be loud and proud as the clock turned to a number with a zero on the end.  Two things were nagging me… I wanted to FEEL “young” and I wanted to do share my PASSION of self discovery and health.

Decision Point.  In September of last year I had stubborn baby weight to lose. I had tried every diet and started every Monday of the last year promising a new me and clean eating.  I tried some Beachbody, then I went Paleo, next up books by fitness competitors on macros and iifym….  You get the point.

During a Halloween wine night with the girls, a friend and I decided to sign up for a race together to motivate ourselves.  The distraction of training for a race in 6 months was what the doctor ordered and I decided to just focus on the next 30 days.  Imperfect Action.  I just needed to move and make the best food & movement choices I could one a time and I would worry about what label my lifestyle had later.

I am a very goal oriented individual but those 30 days had A LOT of falling off the wagon.  There were so many of my eating and drinking habits that were just that…  Mindless habits.  I had to own those as my choices and who I am to move around some big excuses and themes that I had.  Own who I am.

I went to a local gym that offered group training and made appointments and commitments to others on when I was showing up.  COMMUNITY.  With all the work life balance challenges I had – it was crucial for me to look someone in the eyes and own my excuse for not doing what I said I would.  Plus my personal currency is people!!  So soon I was doing things like getting up at 5am to meet a friend at run group and competing with myself upping the weight on exercises I couldn’t even do when I started.

With 6 months down and my strength and determination adding new tiny habits monthly, I turned my focus to my passion.  I love to read and I love personal development and health.  What to do with that as a sales person??  Many voices in my head told me I am not a nutritionist or a teacher.  However, with all the changes in healthcare, people were asking me questions.  How do I meal prep?  What diet am I on? Can I share this recipe?  So many of us want more health and vitality while still living a lifestyle we want. Then I remembered those same voices told me I couldn’t achieve what was doing in health either because they were afraid to keep failing.  So I didn’t fix what wasn’t broken.  I followed the exact SAME model to launch my passion as I did my health.  I got an amazing coach and became part of a special community of people who were building businesses for their passion and I followed the same steps….  Decision Point.  Imperfect Action.  Own who I am.  Participate in the Community.

And here we are today…. Happy 40th birthday Amy and Happy birth day to The Entrepreneur Diet.  The Entrepreneur Diet is about leveraging one’s personality type and lifestyle to create habits that lead to a healthier you.  Diets are as individual as haircuts.  They change as we change and we can’t just always pick something out of a magazine and have it work for us.

I am not quite sure where my passion will lead me over the next year but I know I love it and I’ll talk about it and do it no matter what.  (sorry to my friends and family that get my unsolicited opinion haha)  And just like I didn’t know last year that my jeans wouldn’t fit this year due to some new muscle… I know the outcome is going to be just what it is suppose to be.  Right now I am building a new muscle which is taking a stand for what I love and being ok with that is going to attract as much negative feedback as positive.  Almost as much fear as trying to run a half marathon is 2:15 for me..but I did that too.  So again my lifestyle is an example of a possibility for my passion.

My site is up and has email list on it if you are interested in following along and creating a community that supports others in their health and lifestyle.  Today my birthday wish is that everyone is supported in their own way of taking care of their body and health and to another amazing year!!

UPDATE:  Doing the action of the Entrepreneur Diet helped me see what I loved with working with individuals and what I am good at.  It was again some imperfect action as I have transitioned into a strategy consultant for those businesses who are up leveling.  The site has transitioned to  I have learned SO MUCH from not sitting on the sidelines and doing a little failure.  Would love to hear how you have done the same on your journey!

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  1. You are such an inspiration. Happy Birthday to you , your new body and your new business!


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