collaboration consultant

Collaboration = the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Two minds are more powerful than one. And I love when during the collaboration process we can make 2 + 2 = 5! Together with others we can be more and create more value in business and each other’s lives.

Whoa… that was deep :)

As the swiss army knife of business, I have tools that you need everywhere all of the time.  I have some experiences that are so unique to me which for me are around personal development and entrepreneurship that really give me a different perspective as we look at your business.

Strategist = a person skilled in planning action or policy.

As a tech sales executive, I have always been a strategist. Office politics and selling to multiple stakeholders at one time was the bread and butter of my days and nights in sales. That combined with my fascination and love of people really increased my strategy skill set. I LOVE to strategize!!! Give me a problem and your thoughts and I go NUTS thinking of new and different options. While we listen to each other’s feedback, that collaboration comes in and the most amazing ideas come to life!

Amplifier = to identify and amplify thing that do work well.  

Small Business Collaboration. I work with companies who are believe doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is INSANITY. I also love entrepreneurs that have a base business and a ton of passion and just need someone to help them develop the what, how, and when. My true sweet spot as an amplifier is helping entrepreneurs up-level their thinking and business. Sometimes it is hard when you are running a small business to get out of the day to day and leverage your time and experience differently. So I come in as a partner in your business to do that thinking with you while you continue to keep the business humming. As a recovering type A, I have spent so much time in my left brain and now am falling in love exploring a true passion of the right brain.

Beth Wonson“This year I am on track to double my income and we are only at the 6 month mark. If you are looking for an authentic partnership with a real business amplifier and coach, I highly recommend Amy Burford!”


~B. Wonson

AH+KO+145“Every time I meet with Amy, I learn something about how I can do things better. She has the insights that I do not- in seeing how to market myself, my business, everything really. She is the “Potential Whisperer”, she is the PACKAGER.”


~K. Olexa

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