Ch-ch-Ch CHANGES….



Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…. Man can I hear that song in my head when I write that.  Whoa how they came fast and furious in the 2nd half of 2011.  People that I keep in touch with often say that I have “so much going on”… well as of July and on…even I couldn’t keep up with the pace that life brought to me.  So I started 2012 with a new hair color and a sign of the changes I would choose to bring into 2012.

One of the largest transitions was losing my job in July of last year.  I was ever so grateful to find a new one by September but I didn’t even slow down to understand some of the new habits that needed to come with it.  I was moving from 4+ years of working out of my home and I went to a 1hr+ daily commute to the office.  WHOA!!!  I lost being able to do laundry during the week, my middle of the day workout time, my ability to work in sweats, my lunch hour to do twitter and blog… AND I COULD GO ON AND ON!!  LOTS of other change news in the youtube video below 😉 So now that I have got use to some of these changes, I am looking forward at how to make it a great 2012.

First one I am concentrating on this week is food planning…. tomorrow is list writing and meal and snack planning.  Jump back next week and hold me accountable to how I do :)

4 Comments on “Ch-ch-Ch CHANGES….

  1. Oh, Amy is back! Great!

    I have a bit overdeveloped fingers and toes now because I was training them hard to be able to do a high-intensity crossing of them for you in Vegas in December. But OK, I accept your explanation for not having showed up there.

    Have a great 2012!

  2. Hi Amy!

    Where are you? Your Central European Fan Club is a bit worried. We hope everything’s going well with you.

    Have a nice and sunny springtime.

  3. Oh Martin – thanks for checking! IMother nature is already providing practice at not sleeping through the night and add that to the commute and blogging/walking/etc has all fallen off the radar. All is well and baby girl has grown! Another 6 weeks and I will be a little time bomb waiting to announce her arrival!!

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