“Official” Half Marathon Training Start ;)


No video camera that works yet but trying to convince my hubby that I need one stat!  I figured out that I probably need HD to keep up with my talking 😉  You can imagine what comments he had for that 😉  Oh but I did finally get the About Me Section done of the blog so if you don’t know much about me – feel free to click on over there.

It’s been an exciting training week as I kick off the days to Rock n Roll Las Vegas so I couldn’t wait to share my training plan.

I planned out my running for the next 11 weeks so I can be ready for Vegas.  I am going to need to get my fall Under Armour shopping spree planned :)  I am especially excited about the Hot Chocolate 15k as what a BRILLIANT idea to combine running with chocolate goodies 😉  I am pushing myself to the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan as I want to increase my time.  I haven’t done intervals or speed training before so I will be learning that in the process.  This week is already a 5 mile long run so I must start the training off without missing it!  I am still doing the run/walk thing so I tried this week to run to mediation music to stay more “slow and steady” but haven’t found my zone yet.

TRX Cross Training.  This is me on the picture up top.  I have done 2 days of TRX training.  Once I get the new camera I will set up the tripod and you can watch us in our class.  It is really fun and the trainer is giving us cardio blasts in between our strength exercises o get our heart rate up there.  Only two classes and I already feel some arms toning up AND the fat burning working!!  If you have any TRX questions – post them as a comment and I will post a blog on it and try to even tape the girl who got them to run these classes in her home.

Last component of my training is doing Hot Yoga once a week.  I am doing it at Bikram studio that is 105 degrees.  Man have I been sweating my butt of in there.  But what I enjoy the most is it really stretches out my legs from the runs and keeps me from getting really tight.

More to come later but let me know how your training is going this week.  Did you put a goal out there?


Never say Never!

Oh goodness… what a GREAT day!  I am soooo proud of my friend Kelly – she said she couldn’t run, it gave her side stitches and today she kicked BUTT at her FIRST 5k in 32:54!  Wow.  What an awesome thing to be a part of!!

So I woke up this morning at 6am and it was pouring, cold, and rainy.  On any other 5k I would have forgone my $25 and went back to bed.  But I guess that wouldn’t be much of an example.  So we both got each other up and moving and there in time.  And ran in the rain…. something I have NEVER done before and quite frankly felt I would not enjoy.

Instead what did I get?  A personal best time at a 5k ever!  WHOA!!  I could hear my mom in my ear saying see Amy this is why we try everything once.  I almost crushed the 30 minute mark on a 5k.  Another one of my “nevers”.  So here is to kicking off some great training to Vegas and to my running divas — I’m catching up! 😉  And 30:30 — I can’t wait to beat you again!

Enjoy our crazy post run vlog at Kelly’s house.  I did find out that is it my MAC camera that is messing up my vlogs so stayed tuned while I upgrade equipment. :)

CHEERS all and keep running.

Progress ;)


No progress yet on figuring out why my alter ego is Jackie Chan.  I just got my parent’s video camera at home to try that for a vlog tomorrow!  So maybe a fridge tour or flex is in my future!!!

But I have made progress on my running… I have gotten out for 3 miles 3x since I wrote this last post.  I signed up for the daily mile and sign in through my facebook.  I can’t believe how that motivates a little bit more.  Man I am going to post my mileage AND my time for all my friends to see – do you want to stop now Amy?  New tools, new friends, new progress.

All of this on the eve of a quick girls trip with my friend Kelly (click here for her kick butt blog) for massages and then her first 5k.  To listen to her voice when I told her that’s what I thought we could do on Saturday morning was priceless.  For a moment she wasn’t sure and then got TOTALLY FIRED UP!!  I am so grateful to be able to impact and watch the change in just one person.  The communities that are here to support us in our goals are amazing!!  Whoa guess I am mushy reflective Amy today *ahhh group hug*

So here I am friends – publishing out loud that my goal is to run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half in 2:20!!!  Given that the first one I did was in 2:46 – I get some butterflies but then this awesome community comes in and makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  Next I am going for abs like some of you girls have posted on your blogs 😉

So what are you grateful about from your social communities and how do they help you?  How have they pushed your goals?

Sept 1st – New Training Goals

fall+runnerI did a vlog after a run but I have that stupid delay in my video again.  I need technical assistance ;(  I don’t like to feel like a bad Jackie Chan video so I don’t know what I did to piss off the YouTube Gods.

Welcome to September 1st which marks the end of Amy’s lazy month post Chicago Half and starts my 13 wks of training to the Vegas half.  I am outlining what I am aiming to do better the second time around in my lessons learned.

  1. Gotta track my actual vs. my plan.   NOTE TO SELF: two times a week did not cut it for me!  I used the Hal Higdon novice program but only did the one short and one long.  I need to move it up to 3x/week.
  2.  Slow down the weights.  I was doing too heavy and I sometimes would be so sore that I didn’t want to run.  This month I am going to try a TRX total body workout 2x/week so hopefully there aren’t those days when I hurt so bad I can’t run
  3. Go for distance not time!  I was always watching how fast I ran that mile or this one.  I need to not care and go until I complete the distance on my plan.  The consistency should bring the time along.
  4. I need a buddy :)  For the long runs and for sticking to the nutrition side.  I can blame the summer for too many libations but this time I am really trying to not over indulge as the rule instead of the exception.  I will now insert a mile instead of a glass of wine when I have job stress 😉 *ok I will TRY my very best*

So that is what I am kicking off today.  Look forward to sharing the progress and keeping each other on track.

Send me to your blog or leave a comment and let me know what you are shooting for!

(To my sister Missy – so proud of you that you are kicking it with some Couch to 5K!  KEEP IT UP!!!)



Habits… breaking old and bring in new

I have heard so many great stories of those that do not want to be a slave to the Diet Coke and Mischelle wrote and inspired my blog.  I can relate as I was one of those myself nearly 3 years ago so this was a really fun vlog to shoot.  I hope I upload right (UPDATE: I look like Jackie Chan in this video b/c of a audio mismatch.  I have yet to figure out what I did).

My two gems when it comes to breaking the bad habit:

1.  Make a water requirement – I had to drink 70 oz before I could even take a sip of soda.  Many days when I was learning to drink water I would struggle to get that down.

2.  Don’t keep it in the house in quantity – I just bought one small bottle with a twist cap and I would pour it in a small cup and have the taste.  It was the first third of the drink I really enjoyed so I would stop after that and save the rest.

Those were my tricks.  However, I have to say from watching my friend Kelly quit recently – one of the things you MUST HAVE IS THE DESIRE TO QUIT!

Right now I am moving on to cutting back on the carbs.  When I was running the long distances I picked up the chips habit and now I am snacking too much on them.  So time to only by the small bags and start that process again 😉

What are your good tricks to help keep some of those bad habits from getting out of control?

Authentic Voice vs. Perfectionist Diva – Who “wins”?


So I decided to type the blog today – I am “in a mood” and I just couldn’t get the guts up to put myself on camera and be cheery :)  Why?  oh yes that perfectionist demon or diva in my head says I have to keep improving on every vlog.  The way I got the first vlog up is a promised myself I would not watch it until it was posted.

So I have this crazy talk in my head

AUTHENTIC VOICE: Amy you have to be you and not being comfortable on camera is part of the beauty of the process that makes you authentic, real and people want that.

PERFECTIONIST DIVA:  Amy you look uncomfortable and keep saying um.  Why don’t you practice some so you can be effective in your communication.

So which one do I listen to?  One makes me run fast and get something out there and the other makes me overthink like a crazy woman.  Then I realized we all do that in different areas of our life and maybe you all would have some advice and thoughts on the matter.

I find this also happening right now in my running.  I started running in April of this year and consistently ran about 2x/week.  My first half marathon was on Aug 1st.  I took the week after off … then tried to move into new fancy shoes… hurt myself …blah blah blah.

Result = I have not kicked my butt running more than 3 miles since the race

So now I have this conversation in my head:

AUTHENTIC VOICE:  Amy get out there and start over from scratch and you will get your endurance back fast and be right there training for your next race.

PERFECTIONIST DIVA:  Amy you used to be able to run 2 hours and now you can’t make it 30 minutes.  Don’t walk… you need to keep running.  This is a mental game that you are losing.

Right now, I am just trying to be consistently getting out there (guess it’s my middle ground) on both running and blogging.  But I love that blogging it bringing out this in me.  Something to expand and explore….

So how do you balance the two voices in your head when it comes to putting yourself out there?

Chlorophyll questions & pushing myself ;)

Well… it took me a bit to get the *guts* to do a second post.  It was so easy with Kelly and daunting staring at myself on the computer.  Am I too loud, too soft, the room is a mess, do I have enough make up… it was like the three little bears of excuses.  But I went to the Social Media Marketing Summit today and it really fired me up to just get out there and do it.  My goal is to create a conversation and meet great people.  Honestly, you all aren’t here for my cords behind the TV :)

I answered all the questions I got on chlorophyll on the blog and in email.  Would be happy to share more.  I can’t figure out right now how to post both pics and video (user error) but I will try to show some before and after pics.  Wachters (click here) is a company that has been around for 80 years out of California and is all about their products.  I have used their product for 3 years now and it’s woven into my daily routine.

So bloggers – leave your link to your blog.  My google reader is building and I want to know what you have to say!  I also would love to know how you balance being authentic and yourself vs. listening to that little perfectionist demon on your shoulder that wants to keep reshooting or rewriting your blog posts.  I need some divine advice here!


Amy’s First Blog – Examples of Possibility


I am online and exposed!!  😉  What a month of getting out of the comfort zone!

Today marks a big day for me – this is one of the things I said I would never do – blogging.  Oh wait, I said I would never run a half marathon too… hmmm!  Note to self:  NEVER say NEVER :)

Kelly Olexa (@KellyOlexa) and I met each other on twitter and her blog was really the foundation on why I reached out at some events and talked to her.  We aren’t exactly alike.  Infact we are quite different in many ways.  But we were both ourselves and having a great time.

Just meeting one great friend on twitter made me think twice about this public domain and start getting back into it this April.  Now I have met 100x the great people (Love my #runnerds!) and I can’t imagine how I would continue to grow and evolve without it.

So today I reflect on examples of possibilities….  I was one for Kelly to quit soda and start running and she was one for me to start a blog and revisit how I connect online.  We both have grown and become stronger better women and friends by learning from the other’s examples.  Imagine if you just did that with one new person a month.  This makes me think of an amazing conversation I had with Liz (@LizStrauss) that reminded me that we each have something unique to bring and offer and to stop searching how to connect because the uniqueness that is me, IS my niche and my passion.  

Thanks for offering me a platform for being me and would love to hear what your favorite platforms/sites/blogs for learning have been! 

Cheers! 😉