Ready to RUN…

Look at me two blogs in a week and one of them on a Friday night 😀  I just got home from a not so healthy “carb loading” dinner.  I am getting ready to hit the sack so I can get up at o’dark thirty to head downtown for the Hot Chocolate 15k tomorrow.  It is suppose to be 30 degrees and I am a fair weather anything.  And once again thank goodness for FITNESS FRIENDS cuz otherwise I would so want to hit the snooze at 5am.  I haven’t worked out all week so I am getting excited to see what Amy shows up tomorrow.  After the run a friend and I are going to hit a brunch with the #runnerds group and have them fire me up for 4 more week of training before Rock and Roll Las Vegas. 

Amazing week of the UnMarketing Book Tour and the Naked Fitness Blog Event with Sears Fitness.  I talk about it a bit on the vlog.  I love meeting some of the social media peeps in real life.  Best things about this week in one sentence – trying things I would have never done without these events.  Hummas, hula hooping, and the EAS Sports new active game… so many new experiences.

Well I need some beauty rest because I am SOOOO not a morning person.  Wish me luck and I will vlog again this weekend and let you know how it went.  Am I Vegas Ready or Vegas Panic?  Place your bets now 😀




So maybe my fall off the wagon wasn’t THIS extreme but I sure feel like the results of it have been.  WHEW!  I fell off multiple wagons at the same time – diet, exercise, running, blogging.  So by the end of the 3 weeks or so I don’t feel much like the Amy 😀  I am ready to get back on and am looking at what secrets to you have to reset and only look forward.

AND… I got a camera!  Took me 2+ days to figure out how to use it with my Apple and upload to YouTube but I think I got it working and should be able to help me get faster at posting.  The camera is so little that I should be able to take you all with me too 😀  This Thursday is the #NakedFitness event with Sears.  I am excited to go to a blogging event.  I don’t know I guess it is like some mental right of passage that says Amy you are a blogger so get blogging.  Haha.  I am off to Social Media Club Chicago tonight for @Unmarketing book tour.  Busy week which is a great week to start because I will have tons to talk about!!

I am starting with some stretching and yoga this week and then need to get back to kicking my butt!  Look forward to catching up with all soon!

Checking in

Goodness… what a crazy week.  I started a new job ( and I just didn’t find the time to post any thoughts or videos.  I did go ahead and try one new video with the iMAC since I had not gotten a camera yet and you will see my voice and picture still not meet up.  Not sure why that is… but just cover your eyes and you will get my update. :)

I am catching up on daily mile AND a run today!  Then this weekend I am going to catch up on reading blogs and sending you all some email so I can catch up on the world!!

Let me know how your life is going!  Comment or send me an email so I can write ya back this weekend!

10-10-10 The Date To Motivate!

fall+runnerGOOD MORNING!  I am sitting watching the Chicago marathoners (Love the tagline!) on TV this morning and just getting fired up and motivated!  Amazing to watch these elites runs 6 miles in the time I was kicking it for a 5k which is ½ of that distance.

On my last set of training for the Rock and Roll Chicago Half, I had that point where it just seemed to “click”.  Well I think I had that happen again yesterday.  I ran with a friend I met in cyber space, Crysta, and we are both in the burbs.  We knew that we are close to the same pace and newer to running.  I can’t keep saying enough how it’s so empowering to surround yourself with friends that keep you moving!!!  AND I had the BEST run I have had in MONTHS!  I was so excited.  I maintained a HR of 175 and was still able to hold a conversation WHILE keeping a good pace and breathing 😉  I am bubbling with excitement to run again now because I crushed some huge mental blocks successfully:

  • Ran the first 30 minutes in a 10 minute pace without stopping
  • Ran almost 5 miles before we took an extended walking break
  • Ran 7 miles at a personal best pace.  I use to be a consistent 12 minute mile so I have shaved off over a minute
  • I had fun!  It wasn’t a full hour of mental tricks to keep going.  That is the most exciting accomplishment of the day.

I still feel my legs a bit today but I am ready to get out there and kick off the new phase of training with a new job that starts tomorrow!  :)

What new beginning are you going to kick off with me today?  It’s 10-10-10.  What a GREAT day to start!

Friends keep friends moving…

This is the same video you will see if you watch Kelly:)

Yes I still don’t have a camera.  I have been working on closing up an old job before moving to a new one on Monday.  There just haven’t been enough hours in the day because I have been KICKING BUTT with my workouts.


Last week was my best week of training EVER.  I burned 2400 calories on the Polar and I completed my first 5k in under 30 minutes.  A great place to …. Yes I took a 3 day break after that.  Wasn’t the plan or what I wanted but LIFE HAPPENS.  It is this thought and that made me think about how many of us can get down when LIFE gets in the way of our plans.  I just shared my thoughts on this with a friend who had a bad day when trying on clothes.  I thought we all have these days so I wanted to share this as my post.

They are one pair of pants.  The cut could be different or the fabric.  You can’t sync your self esteem and progress over 1 pair of pants.  Go back and look at the things you have done and focus there.


Even when you are “skinny” or at your goal weight – you are going to have days where you don’t feel pretty, or you have a zit, or you ate the wrong thing.  Shit happens. You can’t feed that monster…. close the door and move on.  You are absolutely entitled to a bad day – we all have them.  But it is just that a bad day.  Wake up this morning and start a new day with a fresh attitude and kick some butt.  remember focus on and give energy to what you WANT!


I no longer see myself as fat or skinny.  If I notice a fat conscious moment I immediately switch my focus to strong vs. weak.  I just go towards focusing on getting stronger.  


This is not a race… it’s a journey – let’s enjoy it together.


**************What do you say to yourself and friends to help get through an off day?***************

Kettle Bell %!$!@$!

kettlebell-workoutsI actually cringe right now just looking at these.  Today a kettle bell caused some serious %#@%! on me.  This was the first workout that I did with the trainer in the park with just 1 15lb kettle bell.  And WHOA my butt is going to HURT tomorrow.

I have stepped up my workouts so much that this is probably the only night this week I have stayed up past 9pm.  :)  Tonight I think I am going to sleep in compression pants and see if my legs will stop throbbing.  Tomorrow is yoga and then Saturday I am going to try for another 5k.  I am DYING to try and break 30 minutes.  If I can get the jello to leave my legs I hope to have a shot.

Not much of an interesting post 😉  But I think it shows you how wasted tired my workouts have me.  Here is a video of what I need STAT – Lake Geneva Resort & Spa.  Oooooo I wish for a massage this weekend.

How are your workouts going?  And go ahead and feel free to call me a baby for whining tonight – haha!

Happy Hump Day Humor!

I had to go make sure Kelly could move after our bootcamp on Saturday.  She was SORE!!  That ended in this random hilarious blog of her and I and I was awarded the Wednesday WOOT Factor on her blog :)  HOW AWESOME!!  Been blogging less than a month and have the opportunity to meet more of her great friends!

Check out the answers to my questions about fitness at

One of the things a great friend told me on blogging was that readers love fridge tours.  So I thought I would be nosy and see what was in Kelly’s fridge and take a pic for everyone with the phone.  I gasped when I opened the fridge and Kelly quickly ran to her defense and said that she doesn’t drink the coke anymore.  But can you see what I was gasping at??  :)

I was actually laughing at the motivation sitting in her fridge.  Yep her favorite orange bikini! What tricks do you guys use to making you pause before making a questionable food or drink choice?  Feel free to send me a pic of your fridge if you have a hint in there 😉

I am off for a easy run this morning and then a TRX class tonight.  And yes I am sleeping like 8-9 hours a night so I can recover from the kick butt workouts lately.  More funny Amy/Kelly randomness to come this week.

Make it a great one! CHEERS!

Happy Monday – Fall is here BRRR!

I woke up this morning and it was 64 degrees in the house–BRRR!  Time to throw on the heat.  This is going to be another non-video post.  I will spare you the short long rant on why but suffice it to say – I will not be shopping at Best Buy any more.  #CustomerServiceFail.

So onward.  I had a GREAT training weekend.  I took Friday off but the did a kick butt bootcamp on Saturday and encouraged some friends to go so I was sure to get out of bed.  Kelly of course went with me – she was her usual comic relief self but still got her BUTT kicked 😉  She was very excited to be so sore yesterday but sadly we didn’t get together to vlog because she needed the rest.

Yesterday I was suppose to do a 6 mile run and I so didn’t want to get off the couch.  I tried for 6 but only got in 4 and mostly with the run/walk.  I tried compression socks for the run because my ankles and calves were so tight from bootcamp.  I felt like that really helped get me moving and to the warm up stage.  I think I will definitely use them again.  I am trying to get use to running in the fall weather but yesterday my ears were giving me a brain freeze.  I need to find some ear thing that isn’t winter wear.  (yes I am constantly looking for running clothes and accessories.  It’s a sickness)

I started Friday taking 5mg of Glutamine every day (Thanks Chelle!).  I need to do whatever I can to decrease my recovery time.  Doing both TRX and the bootcamps means I eventually am going to have to put a short run on the same day as one of them.  I’m also thinking of a the recovery compression pants to help my legs stop throbbing in the middle of the night.  :) I won’t tell you how long it has been since I have even thought of a two a day.

I watched the DVR’d versions of Biggest Loser last night.  Wow.  It really got me excited to continue to build a community in real life and online to keep each other moving!  I think I’ll save the rest of the thoughts on that for tomorrow’s post.

Make it a GREAT week!


LOVE the OMG I am so sore to move :)


Well when I said I was getting back on track – I DOVE in full force.  I had an ex-trainer from my gym work me through one of his workouts in the local park.  OMG.  KILLED ME!  I did a 1 1/2 minute sprint and then went into a circuit and did that around the park twice.  Couldn’t even make it the 3rd time.  I am trying to convince Kelly to go with me and take her video camera this weekend and film us getting our butt kicked for some good old motivation and laughs too of course!!

I couldn’t stay up last night past 8:30pm last night and I woke up in the middle of the night with my legs throbbing and a need to EAT.  Now that is some training!  YEAH!  Only downside is I haven’t run all week so I think this will just be a long run week for me on Sunday.

ANY great ideas on decreasing my recovery time?  I love the cross training and I have heard that you need to kill the leg workouts to prep for a run but man if that just doesn’t kick my butt.  And it’s just not my legs… I literally feel like I have to think hard to raise my hand today 😉  SHOULDERS! :)  Yes I am to do a push up now!

Heard from my friend Elisha that she quit soda and is on day 13 without it! WOOT!  Congrats girl!  Talking to her has me thinking of starting a neighborhood/area fitness get together. I love blogging and the great peeps that Kelly has shared with me from it.  I think others would do great to have some one push them too!  So I am looking at some flooring to put in my unfinished basement to keep friends moving!

I love that thought so I am going to end on FRIENDS KEEP FRIENDS MOVING!!  :)

Getting back on TRACK!

I STILL do not have a video camera that works and I can see my posting frequency AND the comments going down without the video.  HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE: I will have one by this weekend!  So in the mean time I am sharing a pic of me in my new Under Armour gear with my son behind me flexing (just for you Mr. Flo).

I LOVE Under Armour.  I am going to be a tough B#!%! #%@%! chick in that gear.  Gotta say this new hat is just fabulous and fits to my head perfectly.  I am going to do the TRX workout in it tonight and see how it breathes.  My excuse for the shopping spree…. I need cold weather running gear.  (Yeah don’t be like my husband and ask why then I had a short sleeve T shirt in the mix).  :)

OH SNAP has it been a bad week of food and drink and lack of moving the body!  We all fall off the wagon right!?! It is being announced right now that I am moving on to a new opportunity at the day job and that has me running ragged and on non-stop calls.  I am so excited but you know how moving on can always be bitter sweet.  I have only been doing 1/3 of the water I normally do and I am feeling YUCKY.

Running went great last week.  I ran the target schedule and posting on the Daily Mile is helping alot!  I love that people are seeing the distance, frequency, and time.  I struggled hard on the 5 mile run.  I know I am training my breathing and attention span more than my legs.  It helps so much that the hubby ran ahead of me so I couldn’t slow down.  BUDDY UP on line and in real life – they are both pushing me.

What do you do to get back on track?  I am starting tonight with TRX but I am also contemplating a juice fast.  Anyone have an experience on kicking off healthy eating with that?  Would love to hear!

Have a kick butt week and Happy Hump Day!!!