New Year – New Reads!

Mom and Dad stocked me up on some great new reads for Christmas!  Work is slower than normal and I am a reading machine and I have about 3 different directions I would love to try with the new year?  I just get so excited to have some time to think and read and contemplate what I could do with myself with a 48 hour day!  Do you get this way during the last week of the year???

Well I know we can only choose one so I stopped my A.D.D. way of book reading for the rest of the week and picked one book to finish vs. starting all of them at once.  I chose the Clean Program since I have been threatening for some time to do a cleanse and I think it is a great way to start the new year fresh.  I love the book that goes along with it because it doesn’t just say do x/y/z but gives you the science behind the why so I can understand what parts are right for me and my situation.

So our house is like one big science experiment right now.  We took our measurements and there are supplements and notebooks all over the place while we track and learn more about ourselves.  But the biggest gift is just getting fired up and excited and sharing with my hubby on the results and what we think.  We have had some kick butt conversations to close out the year.

I have quite a social day – lunch with a friend and dinner with husband’s work so I didn’t shoot a vlog but wanted to share all the neat things I am reading.  Best quote from my current book – “…all stressors on the system, from toxic foods to toxic thoughts, manifest as a mucusy heaviness in the body, which is the first stage of disease.”  That one statement helped propel me from wanting to clean up the diet to doing it.  I am addicted to carbs right now so I am going to prep one week of clean eating and then go into the 3 weeks cleanse.  Main point on why I like this clean vs. some of the raw food ones I have been reading is that it incorporates putting good bacteria and probiotics back into your diet so you are healing and now just cleaning out the system.  I do believe all health starts with our intestines and our detox abilities…even though that is not the prettiest thing to chat about on a vlog.  LOL!

Well I am off to start my day just wanted to share my new books with you and see what you might have gotten from Santa.

Cheers! Amy

Ready to Rock the New Year

I have been heads down shopping or consuming my new Four Hour Body book.  It has been so much fun as my husband and I are both reading it and we are turning the TV off and talking in the evening about what we read and how we are going to make our 2011 goals around some of the principles in the book.  I took the before shots of him this week and he has started already with the supplements.  I am going to kick mine off after the new year and I want sneak in some time with raw food and smoothes for a cleanse.  I can’t believe that is next week already!!! AAHHHH.  I need to do so much prep to ensure my success still…. more to come.

Still kicking some great workouts and pulled my son into them this week to get his body moving while out of school.  I put a minute of the snap shots in my vlog below!  I am working this week on reading a ton and formulating my goals that I will post with the new year.  What is your goal and why?

New goals from new learnings!

I have been on a high since the Vegas run!!  I have been channeling it into some great workouts and my butt has been sore for what seems like a week 😀  Started the Christmas shopping today so worked from home with the holiday music in hopes for that shopping spirit to come to me.  Alas it does, but only to buy things for me 😉 lol!

Here is my rambling of the day – I am EXCITED for the new Tim Ferris book to come out.

After I rambled about it a bit I found a great 5 minute video that even gives you my FAVORITE quote by him:  “It’s more important to add life to your years than to add years to your life”.  More here if you like him.  Can’t wait to tell you about the book!



IMG_0555wThat is so appropriate on multiple levels.  I am sorry for the delay post run recap but my travel has picked up and I haven’t had a moment to get out a camera.

Here is a picture of the start line in Vegas.  It is just jammed packed and it’s a great time to just take in the emotion that you are about to embark on.  I had a GREAT time during and after the run.  It was some great girl time R&R and we had LOTS of laughs and dances together! 😉  Check out the pic of me and Ms. Sarah Kay here after she crushed 1:50!!!

Not sure what moment I can’t stop cheesing about the most – THIS



WOO HOO Broke the goal!!!!  The feeling crossing that finish line was like no other…. so great infact that I am going to do Vegas again next year.  ahhh good memories 😉

Here is the babbling about the race details… more to come after I get a night of rest in my own bed for once.

Cheers! A

Ready for RockNRoll VEGAS style!


That is Bret waiting for me at the finish line this weekend in Vegas 😀  He has been coaching me on how to keep my cool with pre-race jitters and then he is going to sing me Every Rose Has It’s Thorn 😀

Wow I blinked my eyes and November is gone.  I lost my grandfather the Monday before Thanksgiving to cancer and that made for a whirlwind week.  And it took 1 day of excess (Thanksgiving) into 4.  I am writing on a plane while kicking off a 9 day travel mess of 4 cities and a half marathon.  The PRO is I will not focus on not feeling “ready” to give my best performance in Vegas …while the CON is that I will not have any time to log some miles to get my legs to remember that they need to run 13 miles in just a short 6 days.

I have kept up well on my cross training.  Mostly with kettle bells and a couple days with Insanity videos.  But for the most part I think out of my 12 weeks of training mapped out for the half marathon, I stuck to 5.  Hmmm lesson learned that next time I am going to start 4-6 months out so I can have a couple false starts and get back on track 😉 NAH… that would be planning to fail and I DON’T do that.  I am going to plan how I am going to incorporate running for FUN into the next quarter.  I believe I am going to get more 3-5 miles enjoyment runs in vs. the I have to do INSERT PLAN HERE.

My video talks about how I am ready to rock and roll this weekend and how I worked through my pre-race anxiety this week.  Also includes a cameo from TJ on what he did for the key points on guiding me through race prep.

Let me know what you have been doing to kick it lately!  I love getting motivated from you all too!

TGIF spent with Kettle Bells!

WOO HOO! What a great day and workout – I even gave some great clips of my workout for you today in my vlog.  Let me know what you think besides the fact my brother needs to add some serious lightening to my basement so you can see us working out down there.  I love the videos I have started and getting the space functional.  Makes me feel like the house got so much bigger by using that unfinished area. It’s late on a Friday night (ok so not really late but I guess I am showing age) so not going to write alot.

Let’s make sure I run tomorrow… haven’t even got more than 1 run in a week lately so tomorrow GOTTA DO IT!


UPDATE:  – Got some questions on that kick butt song.  I found it in this YouTube video by my friend Scott Herman.  He posts alot of awesome workout videos and inspired me to do mine yesterday.  I LOVED THAT SONG TOO and downloaded it off Itunes.  It is by The Veronicas – called Untouched.  I have to be careful not to have it too early in my Ipod shuffle series or I go too fast 😉  You can’t help but feel PUMPED up when you hear it!!

Well I am off to do some Insanity abs and who knows.  Not feeling fired up yet for a run so I need more coffee 😀  Have a great weekend!



Recharge Weekend

humor_fun_shirt_recharge_batteries-p235390654909362129qz58_400I am recharged for a week and had tons of stuff to tell you AND I still didn’t say in my vlog how I did on the run this weekend.

I ran 7 miles in like 1:20 or so… fast for me.  My friend was so quick that I had to slow her down multiple times by just stopping 😀  But I was so thankful to have company as those first few miles are such a chore until the adreline kicks in.  I was so sore after in the knees.  I really felt that my joints aren’t taking running in the cold as well as I would hope. (is it the climbing age?) Not sure so I started Sunday with fish oils and daily dates with the foam roller to see how that helps.  T minus 2.5 weeks until 13.1 miles!!!

Another random chatting on my weekend was how great I feel after having a weekend where I had nothing required to do.  WHAT A JOY!  I highly suggest we should ALL do this once a quarter.  I caught up on some blogs, reading, playing, cooking and running.  All made me a happy camper with alot of perspective this morning.  Shared my variation of this recipe today in the vlog.  I made and froze breakfast burritos.  I love them because they are homemade but fast and can really come in handy after a hard workout.  I pop them in the microwave and ready in less than 2 minutes.  Would love some links or ideas on what you do to eat healthy fast!!  This one helped me sooo much today in not eating raisin toast for my post workout meal.

Also had a little chat on energy vampires in my vlog.  Seems more of them are popping up lately… So don’t forget some extra garlic -ha!!


Post Workout Vlog – 3 weeks to Rock and Roll Vegas

fallrun_Happy Saturday!!  I meant to post this video from yesterday before I went to bed but I got my butt kicked to the point I fell asleep on the couch by 9.  OOOOHHHH those days are BACK!  This morning after 9 hours of sleep, I still feel like I’m tired! 😉

But alas today, this pic will be me today on the forest preserve trail.  Today a 8 mile run on the schedule because we are officially 3 weeks from half marathon #2.  Raining and 55 degrees for that outing. I am SOOO HAPPY this upcoming run is in Vegas!

Went to Whole Foods last night and got an entire bag of greens and fresh food.  I am so excited to eat this morning!  Yesterday was cold cereal followed by PBJ so I was in need of some groceries.

Kelly and I have some awesome ideas planned for taping some workouts.  You can see how I got my butt kicked in my quest for being able to do 10 push ups with good form!  😀  Think we will have one next week!!  Fun new things.

Well I gotta go do some coffee so I can wake up and RUN!!  WOO HOO!  Tell me how you are going to KICK SOME BUTT this weekend!  I can hear the Rocky music in the background 😉

OH and here is what I work on during the day with Voicemail to Text at Yap.  The consumer side is only on AT&T and the IPhone right now but pass it on in the US if you have friends who are interested.

My first Insanity workout :D


Whoa – this workout is all the informercial says and MORE!  I did my first workout on my new flooring and did Insanity Cardio.  I think my heart rate might have been at 180 before we left the warm up section of the video.  Now I really want them and I am motivated this weekend to set up the basement the rest of the way.  I didn’t get a picture inserted to the video as I didn’t get this posted yesterday when I did it but I will show you all my new burn zone 😉   And I soooo want Shaun T’s abs.  But alas I know abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym so I need to clean up the diet.

Here is the lunch-able option that my son wanted for his lunch yesterday.  I bought the laptop lunches and I like how they are encouraging us to send healthier options.  I am also using the extra bentos to have snacks ready on the go for me.  Step 1 is realizing I need to change some habits.  This was step 2 is preparation and

Back Camera

….well my step 3 was a step backwards as I went to the Blackhawks game last night and took a step back in food and drink but I had a great time and had the opportunity to sit with Hall of Famer Bob Pulford.  I put that pic in there for fun too! 😀  Great guy!


Ok that is all for today 😀  I am off to hydrate and get a workout in.  Kick some butt today!

Post Run Care

Yep this has been me for the past 2 days – LIVING in compression pants because I felt like “Moose and Rock-o” came and hit me with a baseball bat in the knees.  WHEW WARNING: not running for 4 weeks can be hazardous to the joints!  I LOVE compression pants.  Almost wanting another pair so I can run in one and still wear a pair after *insert my husband’s intervention of my exercise shopping* 😀

Today I knew I needed to move because I was sore but I just didn’t know what I could do so I walked.  I had lunch scheduled with a friend that I had not seen in 6 months and instead of catching up over food we walked, walked and walked some more.  We got in almost 8 miles of walking and lots of catching up and my legs felt so much better.  I am hoping that after 1 more day of babying my knees I will no longer feel like I am 80.

So I am less than 4 weeks from my next half marathon and based on my time I had for the 15k this weekend, I am guessing I will come in something just over 2 1/2 hours.  I am going to do a 8 mile this weekend and see how I pace but I notice I am starting off at a 10 min/mile pace and ending at a 12 min/pace and it’s an average I can live with.

Oh I forgot to mention on the vlog – check out my new necklace I got for my birthday from a friend.  I think I am itching closer to being an “official runner” 😀