New news… OLD post :)

I have been a busy bee!  This time of year is ripe with spring cleaning, industry trade shows, and spring breaks.  AND Finally yesterday we got the weather to go along with all that in Chicago!  I felt energized with things to say so I blogged this morning and realized I had this older video that I never posted.  I have trouble when on my road with blogging b/c I tend not to take my computer.  Now I have an Ipad and hopefully Squarespace will get a good application up and running to make posting a cinch from it!

I am still working in my happiness project on the de-cluttering.  I find that so much of the “stuff” in my house just sucks my energy.  I am participating in the neighborhood large garage sale in a few weeks so everything is up for moving the garage and I love how the organizers have the donation trucks come the Monday after the sales!  :)  It will be awesome to not only get a little extra money for summer fun but also to pass on items I no longer get value from and have someone else appreciate them and get the use out of it.  

How are you spring cleaning???  Would love to hear!  

Pay it forward


Posting from my iPhone is challenging so I’ll be brief. This weeks post is starting to celebrate my one year start of running with some fun books for friends on me! Listen and let me know how you are kicking up your running training with spring right around the corner!

The forgotten Valentine’s Post :)

Well goodness… I thought I posted this last week AND I forgot to hit publish.  WWWHHHAAATTTT.  😉  So I got up at o’dark thirty this morning to do a vlog because I have a meeting by the airport and I am sitting at the computer doing the upload and I see this vlog not posted.  So a very happy belated Valentine’s Day.  I hope your day was filled with sun and love. 

I have been unbelievably happy that the snow is melting and I am praying that the snow storm that happened kept the groundhog from seeing his shadow and spring is coming EARLY!!  I want to run outside and I am a fair weather runner.  I like the coldest to be the high 40s… preferably 50s :)  We usually don’t see that in Chicago in the first quarter of the year.  I am excited for a business trip South so I might be able to sneak in those shoes.

Here is the vlog I did last week and I will upload my one from this morning later.  I don’t remember what the heck I said in it b/c it has been a week.  LOL.  I have been fighting a cold so that is why I have been MIA.  After a weekend of 20 hours of sleep – I am BAAACCCKKK!  So you can get an update on my running stuff and workouts. I have been stepping up my progressions on workouts and I guarantee I might have shoulders by summer LOL.  Yep up to 15 girl push ups.  I have the mental block on the boy ones but I think the core work I am doing will help keep the form.  Time to try it I know!!

Let me know how you are doing!  Sicky-ness has me so behind on my blogs and social butterfly-ness ;(  I feel so out of touch.  

Snow and Fitness…

Snow and Fitness are not a mix made in heaven.  Chicago got pounded in the last week and in one day I felt awesome and I did the shoveling while my hubby followed behind me with the snow blower as we got 20+ inches of the snow.  On the other hand, I think the snow makes me want to eat 😉  LOL.  I know put that up there as lame excuse #1243 but there has to be some chemical that has me craving the carbs and comfort food.  I have just wanted to cuddle up by the fire with some mash potatoes and gravy.  Here are some photos to see if you get the same crazy cravings I did….


We had some serious drifts in the driveway so I had to measure.  This shows 28 inches of snow!!!


Grant went to work on it for all of 5 minutes before he went on to make his snow fort.  But you can see our mailbox hiding in the winter wonderland.


And the backyard drift was even higher and you can see a table and chairs hiding in here.

This one says get the heck outside mom and STOP taking pictures!!!  :)

So not the training week I would have wanted but some great family time.  I guess sometimes things swing to one side or the other.  I have been really low on energy and lethargic.  I am blaming snow but some was recovering from that workout last Monday.  It literally wiped me out.  I got a long massage after a run on Sunday and she had to work 20 minutes on my trap/shoulder just to get my shoulder out of my ear.  I love massages but sometimes they are more work than relaxation. :)  I am ready to kick off working off my superbowl excess with a run today and then off to 2 days of business meetings.  Not my strong suit for exercise.

New learnings from this week:

1.  My son is in love with the ninja smoothies I make for breakfast and I sneak a good cup of spinach in it with frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, and protein powder.

2.  Just getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes gave me 5 miles I didn’t want to do but I feel great about 10 minutes into it.

3.  DO not eat multiple jalapeno poppers at a superbowl party and expect to feel good the next day.  They are officially on my do not list. :)

I have ME time scheduled for Saturday morning and catching up on blogs!!  Yeah 😉

Make it a great week!


WHEW – butt kicked!!


This was me today – SPENT SPEECHLESS and DIZZY!!!  I still don’t feel quite right so thank goodness I filmed the vlog BEFORE I worked out.

To summarize my vlog today, I reflected back on my results from January and how I felt about my weekend and realized it was time to self correct a bit and start planning more.  From meals to social activities – winging it just leaves me without abs 😉  AND I need abs because all the talk of the 2 feet of snow we are suppose to get in Chicago had me cash in ALL of my American Airlines miles and we are heading south!!  Yep girls – 52 days until I need to be in a swimsuit!  So I kicked off this morning showing you my favorite juice for the morning in my fancy new Christmas present.

In retrospect though, I don’t think that is enough even with protein for me to kick my butt like I did today.  I literally lost it.  (which on one hand I did think was cool b/c I felt bada$$ lol).  I was in the second to last set in kettle bells and started seeing spots and to the floor I went.  So I think I am going to have to balance (yes we are back to that word) my desire to eat clean with what my body needs to get through some workouts.  I have been a bottomless pit since this morning.   I have been snacking mostly on fruit and veggies but the tape worm has yet to be satisfied 😉  I know you girls have been here cuz you don’t get arms like some of my tribe without kicking your butt!!  So please share.  Is there something you eat or drink right before the workout that fuels it but doesn’t leave you burping it up for an hour??  Do tell.

In other news, here is my morning on vlog and excuse that I had yet to do my dishes from last night LOL!

The Quest for Balance


I am so sore I just can’t think of anything but a massage right now :)  I love stepping it up but my plan does not really include extra rest days b/c I want to sleep more and rest my body.  LOL.  I am extremely excited for a TGIF but now realize that means to keep my goal on track I need to run 8 miles over the next two days so I am not going to type much and get my butt to bed.

Got a start on catching up on blogs this week and you guys are all doing such awesome stuff!!  It is so much better to get to read 2-3 posts at a time vs. 3 weeks!

Sweet dreams.

Two Chicks, no clue, and a pair of jumper cables…

Yes two vlogs in one day and I am running 3x a week – I know you think you are at the wrong site :)

Today I walked out to get in the car and head to a lunch date and my car was dead.  I left my lights on all night :(  My husband wasn’t going to be home until late and I had to get the kiddo before 6pm so I called in Miss Kelly who has a pair of jumper cables and asked her to venture my way for lunch.

Neither of us had a clue what to do and had fathers telling us not to do this and that… The Result – Two Running Cars and a TON of LAUGHS.  We of course had to capture this on video because we want you to laugh WITH us and have another example of you can a) have fun doing anything and b) do anything you put your mind to!!

Enjoy our random craziness!

30 minutes….


Well this has been my theme to kick off my 2011 running.  I have to do 30 minutes or 3 miles…. and I (drum roll) DID COMPLETE running 3x this week.  Hell and Chicago have now both frozen over.  One thing I don’t mention in my vlog below is the other source of Motivation I have found is a fun little read.  It is called Run Like a Mother, I love the book.  It is great to see two moms balance running and the constant battle in their mind and priorities.  It also has some amazing quotes that I have used more than once to get me moving.  My all time favorite is “…the irony of running is that when your body and spirit need it most, your mind wants to do it least…”  AMEN!

I did do a vlog last week and never posted the darn thing so I am a little longer here and catching you up on my week and happenings.  Really happy with my work and was also consistent with stretching.  I have not made it to Hot Yoga though in awhile so I need to get there and start pretending about my vacation to come away from the Chicago snow.

This month is the birthday of my sports bras…. I went and bought the first replacement at Dick’s Sporting Goods this weekend.  I didn’t think I needed them until I put this new one on… WHOA!  Do you guys switch yours out?  Or is this just another thing companies do to get you to buy stuff more often? :)  I seem to do the same with running shoes.

Well I gotta run and do some work.  Kettlebells are on the agenda for today and I need some coffee and music to get me ready to kick some butt!


Things that mom was right on?!?!? :)


HOLY where did the weeks of January go already?  I don’t feel overwhelmed until I realize I lost a few weeks of “My Plan” 😀  I finally got in front of the camera and did a little vlog.  My thoughts this week are on – are we who we hang out with?  And how we surround ourselves with those people that lead us into the direction of our goals.  My mom use to say this to me all the time when I was hanging out with people she didn’t want me to in high school but it doesn’t pain me to say she is right 😉  I actually have been trying to go one step farther and make sure I have some people in my “tribe” that are where I want to be so I have someone coaches that have been where I am and know how to help me get past those sticking points we all hit.  So I am back to Daily Mile and to the Treadmill to kick off the 2011 running.  I WILL LIKE THIS SPORT.  I AM A RUNNER.  Atleast that is what I keep chanting in my head.
I did not successfully start the Cleanse I promised myself.  Not gonna lie but I am intimidated with getting out of some bad habits.  So I am sitting with that right now and peeling back the onion of why.  I am enjoying the new juicer and the new favorite is celery, carrots and apple juice.  YUM.  I also ordered a Ninja Kitchen System thingy with my sister from an informercial.  I can’t believe is sucked me in 😀  but I did try that Wen Hair Care and love that so maybe this QVC type shopping comes with age.  LOL!! NOT!  The Ninja System is a cheaper version of a vitamix and since mine is broke and I do not want to pay $400 to replace, I am giving this a try.  Maybe I will do a vlog of this stuff so you can see how fun my new toys are!
Well enjoy a few minutes of seeing I am alive although with no makeup :) and let’s stay in touch!

Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!!  Well about 5 days late anyway.  I think we have all been outside of our normal schedules but in addition to that – I have been fighting a little bug of some sort.  I am not sure if it is from the clean eating causing all the toxins to want to jump out of my body OR if I am fighting a good old fashion cold.  BUT I have been sleeping like 9 hours a night and not doing hair or make up 😀 therefore I keep planning a vlog I never do!

I finished the Clean book by Dr. Junger and started a new book by one of his colleagues called Revive.  Great reading and I love how they both tie in our mental and emotional loads into what happens in our body.  So I thought I would summarize the top three things Dr. Junger suggests even if you do not jump into a full cleanse with his supplements besides the normal eat fruits and veggies.

  1. Make sure there are 12 hours between the last thing you put in your mouth at night and the first thing in the morning.  It takes our bodies sometimes as much as 8 hours to fully digest our food.  That leaves atleast 4 hours a day for our body to go into detox mode and do some daily house cleaning.  This is harder than I thought as I started… I realized how much I graze on things post dinner but I am sleeping much better!
  2. Replace breakfast with a juice/smoothie/protein shake.  This is easier for your digestive system to process so you are not over taxing it.  I have read this in a lot of books.  Even Dr. Mercola says this is what he eats every breakfast.  I got a AWESOME new juicer from William Sonoma for Christmas from my father in law so I have been doing this for the last 4 mornings with protein powder.
  3. Incorporate probiotics into your supplements and/or at a minimum a cleanse.  A lot of the cleanse books I read talk about giving your body a break but this one talks a lot about using that time to heal and giving your body the right supplements to do that during that time.  There is some great science on how your gut is as instrumental in hormone production as your brain so keeping the good bacteria is crucial in that.

So in my first baby step I am incorporating these three.  Only issue so far is a new routine with eating because with the juice in the morning, I am hungry again by 10:30am for lunch. But baby steps….I have also cut out the morning sugar in the coffee (which I do not enjoy yet) AND cut my bread carbs down to one serving a day.  WHOA Happy New Year!!

I got a vlog to put up tomorrow but wanted to share how much I enjoyed the book!!

Hope your new year started off with a bang and that my Aussie girls are staying dry with the horrible floods.  xoxo