Big Hairy Goals… one step at a time

What a great way to end the first year of running with my son at the finish line asking if he could see my medal and saying he was proud I ran that long.  I think the biggest thing that I realized after having another 13.1 in the books had nothing to do with my finish time or being in shape…. It had to do with being an example of possibility to him.  He mentioned watching the youngest runner of the half (12) cross the finish line “well before you mom so maybe I can beat you someday”.  :)

Today I am working on putting myself back together again with a massage and chiro adjustment and plenty of sleep!  I went to bed at 9pm last night and finally feel like I can bend my knees again.  (Note to self:  start taking my fish oils again for joints)  I took the day off activity but am trying to walk quite a bit today because I am getting stiff when I sit in front of the computer too long.

Today also marks a big day – Day 1 of the Paleo Challenge!  My goal is to give a try.  I am nervous, scared and kinda just feeling lazy at the work I think it is going to take to go Paleo for 6 weeks.  FUNNY but that is exactly how I felt a year ago when I tried to run my first mile and realized I was going to need to do 13 in August 😉  Yeah sure I would love to see if I actually have some abs under my beer layer but I think the bigger reason I am doing the challenge is to have focus.  I am the type that loves the competition or end date of an event.  I have been threatening to learn push ups since Raechelle was killing 50 at a time.  Meanwhile, I think I am 7 and stuck there.  You get what you focus on so I am on my way to 100 (even if they are assisted!)  I think push ups are empowering as a woman and they make me feel strong.  In the scheme of things, 6 weeks isn’t long and per my vlog, I will never know if I don’t try if I can do the diet or the push ups…..

So here we go!!  Will post mid week on what I am missing and what I love about the new approach.  So far… I miss SUGAR in my coffee!!! 😉

3 Comments on “Big Hairy Goals… one step at a time

  1. Congratulations on your half marathon and your great time on it Amy! You have peaked my curiosity on the paleo diet. Maybe I should consider giving it a try. I've been seriously craving bagels lately! I look forward to hearing about your progress with paleo, push ups and pull ups. Keep being an example of possibility! You are very inspirational.


  2. I am LOL at "beer layer" !! I worked my abs hard with this one yoga DVD on Wednesday- whoa. It feels good to FEEL it. I'm excited to mix things up every week and try new things… just REALLY tracking things almost makes this like a fun science experiment.
    I bet you'll rock Paleo- does that mean no alcohol for 6 weeks? ;-(

  3. Tracking is an experiment but it really shows how much I snack with working from home!! I tried a software on the ipad but I have gotten tired of entering all the details so I am looking for a plan B. What do you do to track Kel?

    No alcohol is what you should do on 100% strict… I have had a little wine 😉

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