Beating the cravings….


Not gonna lie, there were a few times this week where I wanted to binge and then just go back and try again.  I got my headache from cutting the carbs by day 2-3 and it was fierce.  Nothing a bag of chips couldn’t fix or Jimmy Johns!  But I quite frankly didn’t want to end of with it again so I stayed on task.  One thing I didn’t do was watch my portions at all this week.  I know I gained and I ate too much because I can feel it.  But hey… giving up bad carbs was hard enough… I didn’t want to feel hungry and deprived too.

This week my dreams of bread are gone.  My problem is 2pm…. I want sweets and/or a Vanilla Latte.  Haven’t caved except for Saturday night we had an anniversary dinner and I had wine and cheese.  Oh to die for!  It only comes once a year 😉  I got right back on and didn’t let it be an excuse to eat bad again Sunday so I was happy with myself.

Things are quite right yet with a Paleo approach.  I like what a friend did in her blog …. she called it Primeo.  It takes the best of a couple approaches and combines it.  She is eating the healthy items that you don’t find in a traditional paleo and eating them on the weekends.  I find a 80/20 approach to anything is my key to success so I am stealing her recipes and thinking it’s a great idea!!

Well I had to check this off my list of things I was suppose to do yesterday…. now I need to check off going to bed and getting some sleep!!  As you can see the days are packed and I even had Ava in my vlog… and no comment about my weary look today :)


5 Comments on “Beating the cravings….

  1. Hi Amy! What’s up? The world has been waiting for an update from you. Are you back to top shape yet? Running? Doing push-ups? Pull-ups? … It seems to me that you may be skipping your workouts and that you don’t want us to know that. Umm? :-)

  2. I am working on that and moving my taste buds more to the natural sugars Timmy. I am doing tons better and actually feel worse when I eat a sugar sweet now :)

  3. Martin — I am not skipping. I am 6lbs and one size away from pre baby clothes!! But you are right… I am doing it with diet and not exercise. I got very sick for a month and am just returning back to full health. I did my first TRX workout last week and am trying to planning a trip back to running. I am searching what race to sign up for to draw my line in the sand :)

    Legs first…. pull ups are a pipe dream for a bit.

    How are you doing in yours?? 😉

  4. I am doing fine. But I must admit that there is huge room for improvement as I am the Master of Inconsistency and Insufficient Variety.

    You are losing weight just with diet, without exercising? Umm, that’s pretty impressive. But as we all know, we can lose weight without being physically active, but we cannot become fit and healthy without being physically active.

    I am sorry to hear about your sickness. Glad you are better now. A trip back to running? Umm, sounds good. Take it easy in the beginning – we don’t want you to get injured. I think I have a goal or two for you :-) I’d like you to run a sub 2 hour half-marathon in the last quarter of 2013, and a sub 1:50 half-marathon in 2014. In my opinion, it is both ambitious and realistic. What do you think about it? Can I look forward to seeing you complete a sub 2 hour half-marathon next year? Don’t let me down! Please :-)

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