Back to the Drawing Board


Blog today had a little bit of everything in the video today.  I pushed out my pushup/pullup deadline to August and incorporate some running in again.  Also released some of the strictness to the Paleo diet and it seems I am choosing to eat still pretty clean on 50% of my meals.  I must say I did feel “lighter” without the breads but emotionally, I am not ready to let go of them 100% :)

I say I didn’t QUIT Paleo or the Challenge just adjusted.  Is that like saying I bought a pair of shoes because they are on sale?  Hmmm….

I extended out my crossfit challenge and updated my run training into August and kicking off race season.  I am running Rock and Roll Chicago on August 14th and I am hoping to take 10 minutes off my time!!  (WHOA did I just put that in print???)  I am excited as I learned some AWESOME things at Fitbloggin from Holly Perkins.  I am ready to devour some information on HIIT and Interval training and how that relates to cortisol in your body.

So much new news on some fun things I saw at the conference that are must have so I will share on that later in the week!!


3 Comments on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Great post!! So glad we got a chance to meet at fitbloggin! I feel so reenergized also, its like I have been in total control since the conference, hope it lasts! Looking forward to meeting up agains sometime :)

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