Amy’s First Blog – Examples of Possibility


I am online and exposed!!  😉  What a month of getting out of the comfort zone!

Today marks a big day for me – this is one of the things I said I would never do – blogging.  Oh wait, I said I would never run a half marathon too… hmmm!  Note to self:  NEVER say NEVER :)

Kelly Olexa (@KellyOlexa) and I met each other on twitter and her blog was really the foundation on why I reached out at some events and talked to her.  We aren’t exactly alike.  Infact we are quite different in many ways.  But we were both ourselves and having a great time.

Just meeting one great friend on twitter made me think twice about this public domain and start getting back into it this April.  Now I have met 100x the great people (Love my #runnerds!) and I can’t imagine how I would continue to grow and evolve without it.

So today I reflect on examples of possibilities….  I was one for Kelly to quit soda and start running and she was one for me to start a blog and revisit how I connect online.  We both have grown and become stronger better women and friends by learning from the other’s examples.  Imagine if you just did that with one new person a month.  This makes me think of an amazing conversation I had with Liz (@LizStrauss) that reminded me that we each have something unique to bring and offer and to stop searching how to connect because the uniqueness that is me, IS my niche and my passion.  

Thanks for offering me a platform for being me and would love to hear what your favorite platforms/sites/blogs for learning have been! 

Cheers! 😉


6 Comments on “Amy’s First Blog – Examples of Possibility

  1. Hey there Amy! Welcome to the blog world. I just loved the vlog with you & Kelly what fun you two must have. Glad you have started a blog I feel I can learn so much from you and help me with the motivation factor that sometimes hit as my life is crazy busy.
    I was wondering about the chlorophyll. how much do you use in the water? I want to buy some tomorrow and start using it. If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to your posts. Hugs, Bobbi Jo-Arizona

  2. Welcome to blogland girl! You and Kelly crack me up, love your energy! I'm curious about the chlorophyll too, would love to hear the low-down. Chelle 😉

  3. Thanks so much guys!! It is great to know what would be interesting to you and helps me get over a bit of my stage fright if I have a plan 😉 Kelly and I do have a blast so I love that it comes across on the camera.

    Alright – here's to a new post tonight ALL by myself!!


  4. I already ordered the dang Chlorophyll and you haven't even wrote about it yet…I'm a sucker like that lol, but I still can't wait to hear about it. :)

  5. Yay and welcome Amy! Have heard so much about you from Kelly-enjoyed the vlog as well. I'm going to look into the Chlorophyll when I get back to Australia…hope I can find it there-sounds like a good addition for my nutrition and fitness program.
    Looking forward to more of your blogs as I'm trying to further my running skills too.

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