headshotI have always done things a little differently than most. From the twists and turns of my corporate career path to the crazy experiential learning events I have attended in personal development. But as I turned 40, I realized those twists, turns and uniqueness are what makes up Amy. I have acquired a swiss army knife of skills. I have done so much and have the most amazing network of people in my life that I can now utilize all that knowledge and skill like a swiss army knife to life and business.

It was this realization that I captured in my blog here.

So now that I have integrated and expanding all these personalities into one Amy. I am excited to show up 100% present with others that are passionate about growing themselves and their business!

What makes me tick? I love Danielle LaPorte’s idea of CDFs (Core Desired Feelings) so here are mine!

Abundance. Fullness and Overflowing.

I have fully embraced my abundance. I have started to just give where I experience abundance the the boomerang of how that comes back amazes me.

Gratitude. The State of Thankfulness.

Experiencing gratitude is a state that makes me fall in love each and every day with the life no matter what it is throwing at me.

Passion. A Strong Feeling of Enthusiasm or Excitement.

This word is ME! I love hard and dive in to life in all areas!

Connection. A Relation of Personal Intimacy.

People are my currency and my fuel daily in all I do.

Freedom. The Absence of Necessity, Coercion, or Constraint in Choice of Action.

I do my best work outside of the lines with the wing beneath my wings.